Thrifty Thursday

I said I was thinking about having a Thrifty Thursday post and here it is!  As I mentioned before, I love thrift stores.  I love searching through things to find the good stuff and I love the fact that I’m not contributing to more crap on the planet (although I do my fair share of that as well).  In Phoenix, I was a regular at Buffalo Exchange, but the Buffalo here (well, over in Dallas)  is not quite the same (sorry guys).  So here in Fort Worth,  I frequent a few shops; Thrift Town, Goodwill, Second Glance and we actually have GW (Goodwill) Boutique.  This week I hit all four but only found things I had to have at Goodwill, the Boutique and Second Glance.  Go figure that the things I found satisfied two of my biggest weaknesses; shoes and t-shirts, although I found a couple of dresses  and some tops too.

First things I found: shoes!  From left to right, Unlisted by Kenneth Cole cream with brown polka dot pumps ($4-Second Glance), white strappy Ralph Lauren kitten heels ($4-Goodwill) and black Guess peep toe booties ($8-Goodwill).  I’ve been looking for white kitten-type heels forever to go with a couple of dresses and these are perfect!

Next up, T-shirts!  I’m on a music/guitar kick, so the one on the right has a drum in the background and guitars in the forefront ($1.99-Goodwill) and then the Fender T-shirt will be super cute re-fashioned only because it’s pretty big ($1.99–Goodwill).  I’m thinking of some ruching maybe…?

Couple more T-shirts: Red t-shirt with a white heart that I will re-fashion because it’s a tad too short, but I love the design ($1 on sale–Second Glance) and a hysterical “Love is in the Air” t-shirt that features one dog sniffing another dog’s butt.  If I can figure out how to write “Spay and Neuter your Pets” on it without being obvious it was an added sentiment, I will ($1.99-Goodwill).

I also found a couple of really cute dresses and a cute top.  Gap dark green knit dress ($8 GW Boutique), Ann Taylor Loft strapless dress ($8-GW Boutique) and I love this Charlotte Russe plaid top, but whomever sewed it together did a horrible job.  It may become a pattern for another top ($4-GW Boutique).  It’s too bad that no matter what the lighting or setting I used on my (crappy and about to get traded in for a new model) camera, you can’t see the details on the Gap dress without a closeup.  Oh well, I probably won’t wear it until fall anyway.

The last picture is of a top that I bought because I love the halter neck and empire waist shape it has-I have another one just like it in a solid pink made by Arden B, but this one is a funky rust colored striped material.  I don’t know if this will end up being the pattern I intended it to be, or it will remain the way it is; I guess it depends if I can accept the color on me without thinking it screams 1998 ($2 on sale-Second Glance).

I also picked up a few baby things, but only some fall p.j.’s for J3, but nothing exciting enough to show.

So does anyone else have some thrifty finds they’d like to share?  I would love to link up!!

‘Til next time,