Dishin’ About Business-Week Two (Finding Inspiration and my Work Space)

So here we are, week two of the Dishin’ About Business link party from Froggy Girl Designs.  Just in case you’re new to this topic, check out this post for more information.  In short, a group of us are discussing The Handmade Marketplace: How to Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally and Online by Kari Chapin.  This week Mika (Froggy Girl) assigned us the task of taking pictures of our work space (the real work space, not the “ideal” work space) and sharing them, then letting everyone know what works.  I am fortunate enough that my husband lets me use our office/den area off our main room as my office.  Since it has no door, that is extremely generous of him, as it is never neat!  Granted, it’s not normally this messy, but this is how it looks right now, after returning from a weekend out of town:

To the right is my sewing area, to the left my “work” area, although I have a laptop that I mainly use on one of the tables in the sewing area so that I can look out the windows.  Those windows overlook the backyard and one of my rose gardens, which is a source of inspiration for me.  The ironing board isn’t usually up, nor is it stacked with projects, but I just went on a fabric run and therefore have no room for the new fabric until I get some sewing accomplished.   The sewing area is made up of two Ikea tables that you can mix and match the different components (legs, table tops, etc).  They don’t match the rest of the furniture in the room, but I had one from years ago and they are super cheap (like maybe $40).  I have a cutting mat, but just in case the rotary cutter that I use went off the mat, I didn’t want to mess up an expensive table.  The bookcase (which is filled with business and sewing books) has a file cabinet in the bottom that allows me to keep all of my official records in there.

This is one of my project piles.  This actually includes both personal and business projects-the personal ones are on the left.  I keep thinking that if my brain is fried from working on business projects that I might actually dig into a personal one.  That really hasn’t happened.

This is the view from my sewing table.  The computer cabinet is from Ikea and cost something like $400 a year or so ago.  The bookcases to the left are from Ikea as well and were $50 each; they hold my projects to be sewn.  Let’s not talk about the ironing board on the right side of the picture!  What a mess!  You can’t even see the smaller bookcase behind it that holds all of my notions cans and library books, as well as my plants and some other things.

Here’s a close up of the bookcases-more projects to finish.  I just did inventory last week and made sure that I could go on a sewing streak without having to run to the fabric store to buy more.  I have vowed not to buy any more fabric until all of this is used!  (Well, at least not fabric for work projects, personal projects I need a few yards to finish some things…).

For the most part, this set up works for me.  I also have more fabric stashed in the guest room closet, but that is more personal stuff and extra yardage.  The bookcases are great-they allow me to see what I need to work on all while keeping it neat and tidy.  I do wish I had a larger cutting table, but that won’t happen any time soon as there is too much stuffed into this small room as it is!  Someday, I want a slightly bigger home with a room that has a door-as you can see, the dogs like to camp out in the doorway and J3 comes in all the time to raid the desk drawers.  I do also need to move my inspiration board; when I’m working at one of the tables it’s behind me and that does me no good.  I do like the thought of an inspiration wire though…and I have a place for it.

Anyway, next week the topic is branding, so I’m really excited!  By then I hope to have this all neat and tidy, projects matched up and put away, and a ton of sewing happening. If you’re stuck in a rut with your business, join us at Froggy Girl Designs and jump in the discussion!

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What I Wore Wednesday-Week 1

For the past few weeks I’ve been meaning to jump on in over at The Pleated Poppy and join Lindsey’s “What I Wore Wednesday” link party, but hadn’t had time to actually sit down and write about what I had been wearing.  Well, I made the time!  I’m avoiding doing dishes to do it, but that’s okay (I hate doing dishes).  I have really needed to participate in this since lately I’ve been a little frumpy in the “getting dressed” department.  I was looking for some motivation, and this link party is it!

So a disclaimer or two-as mentioned before, I am totally addicted to Old Navy flip flops.  Hence why almost every outfit is sporting them!  I have added some new shoes to my collection as of late, and am trying to work heels back into my wardrobe after having J3.

Second disclaimer, J2 went back to working nights this week, so I am taking showers at night so as not to disturb him once he gets to sleep.  Excuse the hair-it’s not always up under a hat or in a ponytail, but it seems like it is all the time here.  Once I get used to the new routine at our house, I’ll start doing my hair and putting on makeup again 😉

So here goes nothing…

Thursday:  It started raining later in the day, so this was to run out and then for working at home.

Green Hoodie:  Old Navy clearance

Jeans:  Ann Taylor Loft (thrifted-I bought them to cut them into capris but they were actually long enough!)

Flip Flops:  Old Navy

Friday:  Again, raining.  And I had errands to run.

Black and White Striped T-shirt:  Old Navy on clearance

Jeans:  Star from Buckle (gift from Hubby, although 90% of my jeans are from there.  Jeans are the one thing I splurge on since I’ve got really long legs and am hard to fit)

Black patent ballet flats:  Xhileration from Target-I found them on clearance for $5!!

White Nike baseball cap:   Found at Ross years ago-it’s my go-to hat

Saturday:  Thrifting and then dinner with J2 and J3

Black dress:  Gap, thrifted

Shoes:  Kenneth Cole, bought at TJ Maxx probably five years ago

Sunglasses:  I wear these on my head all the time.  They’re D&G and I love them-gift from J2

Sunday: Out running errands and shopping/thrifting.  I ran into my neighbor at Babies R Us who told me she loved my dress and then a woman in the parking lot told me how cute I looked and that she thought it was cool that I dressed up when I had my baby with me.  It made me glow!

Yellow dress:  Forever 21, thrifted (found the day before-will post about it tomorrow!)

Shoes:  Xhilaration from Target.  I was on the hunt for these shoes, but no such luck.  These were on the clearance rack though and I thought they would be the next best thing to (406) Olivia’s pair.  Granted, although they are pretty comfortable, they make me 6’3″ and a lot of people were staring . Hrmph, like I care!

Brown wood necklace:  gift from my mom when I was a kid

Here’s a close up of those super cuties!

Monday:  Passport application appointment, grocery shopping and more thrifting!

Red and Grey/White/Black Tank Tops:  Old Navy

Jeans:  Star from Buckle

Red patent leather shoes:  Mossimo, thrifted.  I love these little sling backs, but they do not like to stay on my feet (they slip off my heels).  Anyone have any suggestions on how to get that to happen?

Tuesday:  J2 was off, so we went to the pool and hung out

Black halter style swimsuit:  Old Navy from last year

Tube dress:  I made it from fabric I found at Walmart!  One seam sewn down the length of the dress and a hem, then that puppy was done.

Flip Flops:  Wanna guess?  Yep, Old Navy!

Wednesday:  Library, thrifting and Michael’s.

Brown top:  Old Navy

Shorts:  Abercrombie, thrifted

Belt:  I think Target-I’ve had that belt for literally years…

Flip Flops:  Yep, Old Navy

It appears that I go thrifting quite a bit, which is not normal.  See, J3 is at a stage where all he does is bang things around and shriek.  Since J2 is getting used to working nights after working days for the past five years, J3 and I have been leaving the house during the day so he can sleep.  Goodwill is having a huge 50% sale in all of there stores here in the Fort Worth area on the 21st and they handed out a list of all the shops in the area (there are 12).  There were many that I had never visited, so I thought for the next week or so we would hit as many as we could and use it for the Thrifty Thursdays posts.  So far I’ve found some great items, many of which I will show tomorrow and wear throughout the week!

Special thanks to my husband for taking the pictures-I need to get a full length mirror so that they will be closer and so I don’t have to wait until he wakes up in the afternoon (after running around all day).

This has been so much fun!  I can’t wait for next week.


‘Til next time,