Sunday Confessional

Hey All!

What a week!  It’s been crazy busy at our house, and it shows no signs of letting up either.  The in-laws are headed to our abode this week, J2 celebrates his birthday on Saturday and of course, the 4th of July is a week from today.  This will be J3’s first experience with fireworks, so I’m super excited to see how he reacts.  We bought a new camera today (a Canon Rebel), so we should have some great pictures to share.  Anyway, enough of that, on to Sunday Confessional!

1.  The first is in honor of another big event this week-yes, I have to admit it out loud, I’m a closet Twilight fan and Eclipse is coming out on Wednesday!  I have always loved children’s books and I think the Harry Potter series is genius.  When I heard that “Cedric” was in a movie about vampires, I thought it to be silly.  Then my BFF T-Spot’s little sister kept telling me how great the books were, so I decided to read them over my maternity leave last year.  Well, I couldn’t put the books down!  Literally, I was reading them while breastfeeding (bad mom, I know).  The movies have been okay, am I have to admit I’m Team Edward, only because lusting after a 17 year old boy makes me feel dirty (and not in a good way, sorry Jacob 😉 )

2.  That leads to the next confession…J3 only breastfed for a little over three months.  Not by my choice, but by the choice of my birth control.  I was already having some problems keeping up with the guzzler and supplemented after he’d suck me dry with the free formula that Similac sent.  Then I went back on birth control at my six week follow up and my milk almost completely dried up.  I was fighting like crazy to keep going, but finally right before I was laid off, I gave up.  I was sooo upset.  Then on top of everything, he had a horrible reaction to the formulas that had milk derivatives in them, so he’s on soy formula.  So I’m the target of some controversy when it comes to breastfeeding.  Oh well!  We’ll see what happens when he hits a year and can have milk.  We’re praying he’s not lactose intolerant.

3.  Probably one of the hardest things for me when I was pregnant was not being able to drink.  See, I really like alcohol!  That sounds awful, but I like the taste-I hate the feeling I get when I drink too many.  If they made non-alcoholic drinks that taste like the ones with alcohol, I’d be all over them.  And if asked, I am a gin girl.  I love a good gin and diet tonic, especially if it’s Bombay.  I’m not a big beer drinker, Jack is not a friend of mine, nor is Jose, but Jose is directly related to a bad 21st birthday.  I like my gin, wine, vodka, rum and many others, but for fear of sounding like a lush, I’ll stop there…

4.  Hmm, what else.  Well, my big accomplishment for the month is letting my fingernails grow.  See, all my life when I’m nervous, stressed or just bored, I’ve chewed on my nails.  I was sick and tired of paying the money to get the acrylics done, and no other option seemed to work.  This time I got the nasty tasting nail polish stuff and since I’ve put my mind to it, I’ve left my nails alone.  Woo hoo!  They’re growing slowing but surely, but at least they don’t look like the dog sat and ate my fingertips.

5.  One more…probably one of the biggest challenges I face is my ADD-yes, attention deficit disorder.  I’ve had it all my life, but trained myself to focus when I was a kid and in college.  Now that I’m a SAHM, it’s out of control.  I have half finished projects all over my house and it drives J2 NUTS!  That has in turn led me to be a freaky list maker so that I get at least a few things accomplished.  I’m just frustrated that every night it appears that I transfer 75% of the day’s list to the next day.  If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears!  I’m thinking I need to assign certain hours of the day to certain projects-does that work for anyone out there that has little ones running around?

That’s it for today.  From now on, things will be a little more exciting, but this laid the groundwork for some funny stories.

Until next time!