Not Only Can Those Folks on Glee Sing, They Wear Great Outfits Too!

Are there any Glee fans out there?  I have to admit, I just started watching at the end of last season, but in a  world where we’re on our–what?–twenty third season of Survivor, a program that highlights supposed high school kids singing and dancing is a refreshing relief.  So last Tuesday night (the 16th) I grabbed my cocktail, found something to entertain the kid and settled in for an hour of really cool mash-ups.  Of course, I was not disappointed.

I think I must have missed the previews for the upcoming week the week before because I had no idea that Gwyneth Paltrow was guest starring as the substitute teacher, Holly Holiday.  Right off the bat I loved how she taught Spanish using Lindsey Lohan’s stints in rehab as a topic of conversation, but when she steps in to help out with Glee club…YES!  Just in case you missed it, here is the first song she whips out when the club challenges her to show them what she’s got.  You have to go to Entertainment Weekly’s site to check it out (since I can’t seem to get the darn thing to embed), but it’s worth stepping away for a minute (just be sure to come back).

(***imagine a nice Glee mash-up playing here***)

Notice her outfit? I know, I loved it too. Simple yet slightly sexy without having the principal in your classroom with the ruler to measure hem lines. Therefore, since I’ve been in a bit of a fashion-inspiration rut lately, I pulled together the elements in my closet that I could get away with in mid-November (and with late 30’s legs that don’t tan and that don’t look as nice as Gwynnie’s) and here’s what I came up with…(just ignore the dog toys and other paraphernalia in the background).

Cashmere Turtleneck:  Old Navy-gift from the BFF (T-Spot) last year for Christmas and they no longer carry them (for SHAME!)

Plaid Skirt:  Ann Taylor, thrifted from the Goodwill Boutique — I love the pockets on the sides that you really can’t see.  Holly Holiday’s skirt had pockets as well and I knew this one did too, so I built the rest of the outfit around its glorious plaid pockety-ness.

Tights:  Hue from Macy’s

Shoes:  Linea Paolo from Last Chance in Phoenix.  I originally had picked these up thinking I would send them to Olivia, but even though they were a size larger than my usual they fit and at $12 I couldn’t resist dragging them back to Texas.  Sorry girl!

Sunglasses:  Michael Kors (bought at the outlet down in Austin)

Necklace and earrings:  Sam Moon

Yes, I skipped the bare legs and boots, mainly because the lack of the aforementioned tan and the fact that both classrooms I have to pretend to pay attention in are set to a chilling 64 degrees.  For real people?!?  It’s November for crying out loud!

So is anyone else out there inspired by fashion on TV, and if so, what shows?  I just can’t seem to dress like the socialites on Gossip Girls and frankly the girls on CSI (any of them) just don’t seem to cut it either.  I’m just curious–I need some more inspiration!  Fill me in on what you think 🙂

‘Til next time,



Thanks to Goodwill I Can Steal Jessica Lowndes’s Look for Less than $25…What Mommy Wore!

Back at the beginning of the month (or the end of last month, can’t remember which), PopSugar posted a Look of the Day that featured Jessica Lowndes (who plays Adrianna Tate-Duncan on the tv show 90210) sporting a super-cute look that I fell in love with due to its simplicity and perceived  comfort level.  Unfortunately, it featured a Tory Burch Thorri striped top that I knew would probably not be in my budget any time soon.  But, I tucked the photo into my inspirations folder “just in case” because I might win the lottery one of these days if you can do that without purchasing a ticket.  Here’s Jessica’s lovely outfit:

Photo:  100 Inspirations (who linked to PopSugar)

Of course, a few days later the wonderful ladies over at 100 Inspirations, who are the best at duplicating celeb looks for those of us on a budget, came up with an amazing alternative for around $113!  Still, that constituted my clothing budget for two months, so I had to use my resources…and here’s what I found…

Mossimo army jacket, Old Navy jeans, Guess booties, Express striped shirt, rabbit hair scarf

Jeans:  Old Navy, thrifted from the White Settlement Goodwill (with tags still on)- $4.19

Army Style Jacket:  Mossimo, thrifted from the Saginaw Goodwill– $5.99

Striped top:  Express, thrifted from the Goodwill Boutique– $4.99

Booties:  Guess, thrifted from the Rufe Snow Goodwill– $7.00

Scarf:  no idea on the brand, but it’s tag says it’s mainly rabbit hair-thrifted from the Saginaw Goodwill– $1.99

GRAND TOTAL:  $24.16! Just goes to show you can shop second hand and still look like a star 😉  Oh how I LOVE Goodwill!

I will be honest though-I didn’t really care for the scarf, as it was a little constricting for me.  Here’s how I actually wore the look:

Old Navy jeans, Express striped shirt, Mossimo jacket, Guess booties

This was actually super comfortable and perfect for a day when the weather was a little cooler.  I could have really copied Jessica by wearing my hair down, but the second day pony tail (which looked slightly train-wreckish by the end of the day when the photo was taken) worked.  I gave it the Mommy thumbs up for comfort, stylishness and the ability to pick up a child without showing anything indecent.  What do you think–thumbs up, thumbs down, thumbs neutral…worth duplicating again?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

So a big thank you goes out to Jessica Lowndes for having great style for us to rip off and thanks to the Fort Worth area Goodwill’s for having such fabulous finds!  MUAH right on the mouth!!

‘Til next time,


Monday Musings…True Friends are Hard to Find

This past week my other best friend (BBKF) was in town for work.  This is only the second time she’s had the chance to get out here from Michigan, the first being for J3’s baby party (okay fine,” shower”) and then just this past week.  Her being here really opened up my eyes as to what amazing friends I have and that I would not trade them for the world.  For the past eight years, the three of us have been inseparable, even if it’s only been in spirit.  I’ve mentioned before that T-Spot and I have been BFF’s for 13 years, since we met working for a municipal parks and rec program in Arizona, but we met BBKF eight years ago when we rented a house across the street from BBKF’s now ex-boyfriend.  She was (and still is) funny, hip and crazy as all get-out and we loved her right away.  Being away from each other has made the three of us realize that even though the miles may separate us, we are still the three Musketeer-ettes, each as different as can be, but one in the same.  Oh, and that there is no reason that we should be apart any longer.  BBKF and the boy that schlepped her off to Michigan are no longer together, so why stay?  Sooo…we’re all thinking about heading back to Arizona to get the band back together.  Shhh, don’t tell anyone because my in-laws don’t know it yet (although they will soon), and we have A LOT to do to make that happen (like sell a house in a not-so-great market), but if we can, we will.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!!

(**For the record, that is not the only reason we want to head back.  I’ve mentioned before how much I miss my family, so that’s a big one.  Plus No Neck and Sonnet are getting married and are going to have kids right away (if it’s meant to be), Tree Hugger and Darth B have little Ry-Bear for J3 to grow up with, my mom is getting ready to retire….etc., etc.**)


So I am dedicating Monday Musings to the two best friends one could ever ask for…


Me, BBKF and T-Spot before BBKF headed to the airport…

‘Til next time,


Attempting to Rock the Over-the-Knee Socks (What I Wore)

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted-I just got back from the SITS Girls Bloggy Boot Camp in Austin and had two tests to study for PLUS two papers to write this past week, all while trying to wrap my head around what I had learned at the conference.  Look for a post about what I learned over the next few days as that conference rocked my world!

In other news, I’ve been a little fashion-boring lately.  With everything going on, it’s been hard to get enough sleep which in turn translates to getting up late and dressed in a hurry.  I decided that it was time to wear something other than jeans and my usual sweater, so I broke out an outfit I’ve been dying to wear for three weeks; that look includes the huge trend, over-the-knee socks.

Olivia from (406) Olivia (whom we all know I heart to death) and Eboni from The Fashionista Next Door have both rocked the OTK socks lately, so I thought I had better put at least one of the three pairs I have to the test.  Here’s what I threw together:

Jacket: Vintage Sasson, thrifted from the Hurst Goodwill.  I fell in love with the velvet trim collar which you can’t see.  This is the perfect little jacket and for $5.99…heaven!

Red Satin/Cotton Tank Top: Old Navy from years ago

Skirt (that obviously didn’t iron very well):  Old Navy-I got this two seasons ago when I was pregnant and it still had the $1.99 clearance tag on it.

Over-the-Knee socks: Xhilaration bought at Target.  Seriously, if you want to try this trend, Target is by far the best place to get these socks since they’re only $5 and they have at least 15 styles to choose from.  They have a chunky knit off-white pair that I may just have to go back and buy (only to hold on to them until I figure out how to style them!)

Black Velvet Mary Janes: From Forever 21 and one of the most uncomfortable pairs of shoes I’ve ever worn.  I was dying for a pair and when I found them in velvet, I bought them to go with this jacket.  I think I made it an hour in them before my feet said no more.  I don’t think an insert would help either.  {insert crying sad face here}

Necklace/Earrings: NY & Co. from last year.  It is supposed to be a long necklace, but it was longer than the jacket so I double looped it.

Flat hair-the result of letting my hair air dry with no product.  Since my husband was kind enough to take this photo at the end of the day, I wasn’t going to mess with it either.  Sorry!

So here’s a question…I was reading Vogue in the waiting room the other day while waiting for the BFF to have a simple procedure done and came across a column by Tim Gunn (of Project Runway fame).  He was discussing skirt length and said that women over 35 should not wear skirts that hit higher than 2″ from the top of the knee.  Of course, I’m over 35 and I have a LOT of skirts that are higher than that (mainly because I’m so tall).  What’s your opinion on that?  Do you agree?  If that’s the case, I have to get rid of about 10 skirts in my closet.  And the one above is a push in the length department according to Tim.  Also, do you think tights or OTK socks make a difference?  Does it make it better or worse?  I would love to hear your opinions!!

That’s it for now!   Let me know your thoughts 🙂

‘Til next time,


**EDIT:  I totally forgot to link up to Lindsey’s What I Wore Wednesday over at the Pleated Poppy, Mandy’s Steppin’ Out Saturday at Harper’s Happenings and Jewelscape’s Bejeweled Wednesday’s –sorry!

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Monday Musings

After traveling to Phoenix this past week, I just need to state for the record that it was fantastic to be home!  We stayed with my youngest brother No Neck and his fiancée Sonnet and they were a blast.  We got to see Darth B, Tree Hugger and Ry-Bear too, and I got to spend a lot of time with my Mom.  We had such a great time that we’re (tentatively) thinking about moving back.  It was so cool to watch Ry-Bear and J3 play together, plus No Neck and Sonnet are planning on having kids as soon as they get married in February therefore it would be amazing for all the little cousins to play together.  We didn’t get that as kids (our cousins were much older since both of my parents were bonus children and much younger than their siblings) and it’s important to me that my children are surrounded by family.  So we’ll see…


With that in mind, here’s my Monday Musing for this week- here’s to family!!


‘Til next time,


What I Wore Wednesday

Woo hoo it’s Wednesday!  For anyone joining from The Pleated Poppy or …Meet Virginia, I posted earlier in the week that I was headed to Phoenix today, and so if you’re reading this later than 1pm CST, then I am either on my way, or already there.  Although I grew up all over the Pacific Northwest (mainly Spokane, Washington and with all my extended family in the Seattle area),  I consider myself to be from Phoenix.  I lived there part-time for 1991 and 1992 while I was in college up in Utah, but then transferred to Arizona State in 1993 and lived there until 2006 when J2 and I headed out to Texas.  At the time, I needed a change of scenery, but now I am anxious to get “home”.  This visit will bring back summer dresses and shorts for six days (since it’s still in the mid 90’s there), but if that’s what it takes to see my family, so be it!

With that in mind, here’s what I wore while it cooled down here in North Texas…

Wednesday, September 29th– Second to last day of my 30 day challenge!  Of course, I had class in the morning where both my classrooms are freezing and that morning I woke up late so I threw on the first thing that was fairly warm and clean (oh, and that I hadn’t worn!)

Blue top:  NY & Co from two years ago

Black tissue cardigan:  Old Navy from this spring

Jeans:  Joey style BCBGirl jeans, thrifted from Buffalo Exchange in Tempe, AZ probably five years ago easily (you can tell I was getting down at the end of the jean pile)

Socks (black and blue striped): NY & Co, bought the same time as the shirt

Shoes:  men’s Oxfords, thrifted from the Industrial Blvd (Bedford) Goodwill

Tuesday, September 30th– Running around with J3 and not in the mood to do anything.  I felt sloppy and gross, but needed to find the little guy a Halloween costume.  I had seen a couple at Goodwill (because I’m too darn cheap to pay $30 for something he’ll wear for 30 minutes) and knew I needed to go before they were all gone, so out the door I went.

Top:  Old Navy and a XL, can’t you tell?!?  I wore it when I was pregnant even though it’s not maternity and somehow it missed going up in the attic.  Ifound it buried in my closet and it seemed perfect for the mood I was in at the time.

Tank Top (you can’t see):  Charlotte Russe (because my 14 month old is fascinated with pulling on my shirt and showing everyone my goods)

Capris:  Adriano Goldschmied “the Split” jeans, purchased from the Buffalo Exchange in Tempe, AZ back when AG first hit the scene.  Yeah, I’ve had these awhile!

Moccasins: Preview International, thrifted from the Haltom City Goodwill.  At first I was a little unsure about the stones on them, but they’ve grown on me.  I thought at the time they’d match a couple of hard-to-match bronze colored things in my closet, so I bought them and they did.  Yea!

Friday October 1st-YAY!  The 30 outfits/30 days challenge is done!  The first thing I did was throw on one of my favorite pairs of jeans.  As you can see from the background and lack of cropping, J2 and I took J3 to his first baseball game at Rangers stadium.  I was a little hesitant, thinking J3 was going to be a crazy baby, but he was great and everyone around us loved him.  I had planned on buying a Rangers shirt while we were there, but it just didn’t happen, so I was stuck with plain white. Oh well!

Jeans:  Big Star “Kayla” straight jeans

T-shirt:  Awake Couture, bought at Macy’s three years ago.  I love it because it’s long and I love it so much I have it in black as well!

Flip Flops:  Old Navy

Saturday, October 2nd-J2 had a company event at the Fort Worth zoo…

Believe it or not, that’s not me 😉

I let J2 play with the camera while we were walking around and something on the darn thing freaked out before we had a chance to take any human pictures, therefore the red baboon’s butt is what you get.  Sorry about that, but dang, it’s better than what I was wearing!  I walked out of the bedroom in a simple shift dress and J2 suggested I change, saying I would be overdressed and out of place (like that isn’t the story of my life).  So I put on a very unexciting gray Arizona State t-shirt, old faded black capris from NY & Co and silver cushy flip flops from Old Navy.  Now aren’t you glad you got to see a monkey instead?!?

Sunday, October 3rd– I was lazy until it was time to go get a massage.  I have THE BEST therapist in the world, and from someone that has received hundreds of massages, that’s saying a lot.  Oh, and I’m not exaggerating either on the hundreds.  I worked for a massage therapy school for almost two years that had a clinic on the weekends and staff got free massages so that the students would get their hours (and the clinic admin would let us bring friends for free if it was slow).  I would receive five or six in a weekend and then I worked for Massage Envy (where I get my massages now).  I have back issues and my therapist Fil is wonderful.  I have to book at least two weeks out to get a spot but I feel amazing afterward!

Dress:  Gap, thrifted from the Goodwill Boutique

Scarf:  ???, thrifted from the Rufe Snow Goodwill.  I’ve never been big on scarves, only because I think I look stupid, but I liked this one.  It was buried in a bucket and I saw the color peeking out, so I grabbed it and for only 99 cents it was mine!  Muhahaha!

Sandals:  Reaction by Kenneth Cole from T.J. Maxx.  You’ve seen these plenty of times, but they used to drive me crazy because the back strap would slip off my heel.  I mentioned it to my (wonderful) cobbler/shoe god and he fixed them for me.  Have I mentioned how important having a good cobbler is when you’re a shoe fanatic?!?  Does everyone have a good shoe guy/cobbler?  If not, you need one, or at least need to know what one can do if you do decide to look for one.  That may be a post in the making…hmmm…

Monday, October 4th– Class and it was a little chilly in the morning.  Fall really came crashing in here in North Texas, but it’s supposed to warm up over the weekend.

**Side note on the tunic-I put it on with leggings and boots originally and then walked out in front of my husband who kindly proceeded to tell me it was not my most flattering outfit.  I am one of those women that expects my husband to honestly tell me when I don’t look good in something, so I was grateful, but sad that the whole legging thing didn’t work.  Tunic was just too short and momma’s got too much junk in the trunk to pull leggings off with this one.  {SIGH}**

Orange tunic top:  Ashley 26 International, thrifted from the Saginaw Goodwill (told all about here)

Jeans:  Big Star Maggie jeans

Boots:  Bandolino, thrifted from the Campus Drive Goodwill four years ago, right when booties started getting big.  They are definitely a throw back from the 90’s, but they’re such a rich brown suede with a medium heel they’re timeless.  And they were on sale that day half off ($2!) so heck yeah!

Gold chain belt:  Funny story on this one.  I’ve had this belt since my junior year of high school (back in the 90’s).  That year for Christmas this arrives from my aunt over in Seattle; I call her and say “Thank you for the necklace Aunt K” to which she laughs and replies “honey, it’s a belt.”  I almost died from embarrassment, but have held on to that thing for 20 years and have worn it as a belt, a necklace AND a bracelet!!  I hardly ever wear gold, but it just seemed appropriate with the pumpkin colored tunic sweater.

Huge gold Guess watch:  a left over from the late 80’s/early 90’s that I found in a box up in the top of my closet.  It is HUGE!  I had a battery put in and now have a gold faced watch for when I venture out and wear another metal other than my usual silver/platinum.

Tuesday, October 5th-Hair appointment at Shampoo Salon with Ally.  If anyone in DFW needs a fantastic hair stylist, she is it!  Plus her husband went to ASU and she lived in Phoenix, so we gab it up about all the things we miss about the desert.  And she’s super cute too (little petite thing that she is).  Seriously, if you need someone great, she’s worth the money (actually, all the stylists there are, which I can profess since they’ve all cut and/or colored my hair at one time or another in the past four years).

Plaid shirt:  No Boundaries, thrifted from the Industrial Blvd (Bedford) Goodwill

Jeans:  Big Star “Kayla” straight jeans (yes, again)

Belt:  I think Target…about ten years ago

Shoes:  Wearing the Bandolino’s again.  I have a pair of Nine West ones that I wanted to wear, but I think J3 has hidden one of them since it wasn’t on the rack in my closet where it should have been.  Thanks kiddo!

And that’s it!  It felt good to really wear some of the items in my closet, but it felt better to be able to wear my favorites and not be so restricted.  I think now that my tripod and timer have arrived, I may just take a few pictures during the week, because I feel like what I’m wearing is really not that exciting.  I can amp it up a few times a week, but everyday…not so much.

As usual, linking up with Lindsey and Morgan!

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‘Til next time,


Monday Musings for an exciting upcoming week!

Ever have a Monday where you’re so excited you can barely stand it?  Me neither, except for this one.  See, Wednesday afternoon, J3 and I hop a plane (home) to Phoenix!  I haven’t seen my mom and brothers in almost a year, and due to J2 not being able to get time off around either Thanksgiving or Christmas, we figured going home to celebrate my and Darth B’s birthday would be a fun alternative.  J2 will join us Thursday (on my birthday) and goes back Sunday, but I get until Tuesday to see my friends and family, plus to soak up some more summer sun since it’s still in the 90’s in the dear ol’ Valley of the Sun.  No complaints though, at least it’s a dry heat!

So in honor of my venture home, here’s my thought for the week…

My happiness in Phoenix?  That’s easy…

  • Seeing my family, especially my mom whom I miss so incredibly much (no offense to my brothers, I miss them too but I really, really miss my mom lately…ugh…)
  • Watching J3 play with his cousin Ry-bear
  • Telling stories about when we were kids to our significant others because my brothers were hellions!  How my mom survived the three of us I will never know.
  • Eating Alfredo the Dark and drinking Bellinis at Oregano’s Pizza Bistro (the Bellinis there are so good, I named my dog after them-for anyone reading that knows Belle, THAT is what she is named for, not Albert Bell like Darth B claims)
  • Seeing gorgeous desert sunsets that top any other sunset out there
  • Being surrounded by mountains (even if that means crappy air quality half the time)
  • I could keep going on and on, but seeing my dear friends that I haven’t seen in almost a year (most of them) is another thing that makes me happy.

So Phoenix, BRING ON THE HAPPINESS!  See you Wednesday, you sprawling inferno of a town!

‘Til next time,


What I Wore Wednesday and Fall is HERE!

WOO HOO!  Fall has finally (kinda) arrived in Texas!  We’ve had a few days the past week that have been a little warm, but for the most part we’re staying in the 80’s.  Being from Phoenix and all, that’s fall.  While I was growing up in Washington state, that was summer, but still.  There was actually one morning that it was only 54 degrees when I left for class and I had to wear a JACKET.  How fab is that?!?

As for the 30 days 30 outfits challenge, it’s still going on and going strong.  I will be glad when it’s over in a few days only because I have missed some items in my closet dearly-a few pairs of my Big Star jeans for instance and a few pairs of shoes.  Other than that, I could probably keep going and just might 😉  Anyway, here’s what I wore…

Wednesday, September 22nd-class and according to my planner, not much else

Animal Print top:  NY & Co from two years ago.  My husband hates this top-says it’s a throwback from the 90’s.  Thanks babe 😉

Jeans:  trouser style Diva jeans from Old Navy, thrifted from the Industrial Blvd Goodwill.  I LOVE these pants and can’t wait to wear them again.

Shoes (that you can’t see)-Marc Fisher Surelle in patent pink.  I bought them at Macy’s on the clearance rack three years ago and paid $40 which for me is pretty rare!

Earrings:  Old Navy

Thursday, September 23rd-running errands

Brown tank underneath that you can’t see:  Old Navy

Top:  Forever Twenty One-half way through the day I happened to notice that it had ripped under one arm.  Not in the armpit either, halfway down across the seam, not with it.  For the love….thrifted from Double Exposure (post here).

Jeans:  Old Navy Sweetheart jeans-thrifted from the Cherry Lane (White Settlement) Goodwill.  They still had the $30 tags on them and I got them for $4!

Shoes:  Tafia by Xhilaration wedges from Target

Earrings:  NY & Co

Friday, September 24th-Class and my BFF’s birthday dinner at our house.  For not wanting to get on my high horse about the absolute thoughtlessness of some people, it ended up being just her and us.  It was better that way anyway.  Grrrr…

Top:  L.O.G.G. for H&M peasant top, thrifted from Pipeline (Hurst) Goodwill

Jeans:  Jean Star, thrifted from Goodwill but I have no idea which one since it was sooo long ago

Boots:  vintage Circle S boots-you knew you would see these again!  I like them much better with pants, not to mention one of the girls in my class told me how great they (are).  Thrifted from the Campus Drive Goodwill

Saturday, September 25th-T-Spot’s official birthday dinner at Asian Mint over in Dallas.  Once again, someone (same person) was incredibly rude and didn’t show.  Double grrr….

T-Spot:  pants and top form NY & Co.  The shoes…no clue.  I think she might have found them at Payless or Target a couple of years ago.  She has a size 10+ foot that is super wide, so she has problems finding shoes that fit, hence why she lives in flip flops and tennies.  We call her Barney Rubble (with love, trust me).

Me-Dress:  Vera by Vera Wang, thrifted from the Industrial Blvd (Bedford) Goodwill

Belt:  from another shirt

Tights:  Hanes from Target

Shoes:  Franco Sarto, thrifted from the Haltom City Goodwill

Sunday, September 26th-it was a little warm and I didn’t do much of anything but study.  To be honest, the only time I put on shoes was to go out and water the plants and these shoes happened to be the first ones I could grab in the closet

Dress:  MSK, thrifted from the Haltom City Goodwill.  I was walking out of the fitting room and saw it hanging on the rack-it wasn’t there when I looked before, so I grabbed it, saw it was within a size and bought it.  J3 was super fussy and I didn’t want to go back and try it on.  It fits well enough.

Shoes:  I think No Boundaries?

Necklace:  This is a closer shot of the necklace.  Funny story about this is that I hopped in to the Hulen Goodwill one day and there were vases filled with jewelry like this.  I happened to see a feather pin in one vase that I liked, so I bought it ($3).  This and about five or six great necklaces, pins and such were in there!  Good Find 😉

Monday, September 27th-Class on about 1.5 hours of sleep.  I had a test that morning and had stayed up late studying, then couldn’t sleep.  This was the morning that it was 54 degrees when I left for class…ahhhh…

Black top underneath that you can’t see (jacket never came off anyway):  NY & Co

Jacket: L.A. Kitty, thrifted from the Saginaw Goodwill (I did a post here on their grand opening and the great items I scored)

Jeans:  Gap Long and Lean jeans, thrifted from one of the Phoenix Buffalo Exchange’s years ago (I hold on to jeans that fit!)

Belt:  Brighton, thrifted from the Haltom City Goodwill

Booties:  Guess, thrifted from the Rufe Snow Goodwill

Tuesday, September 26th-I managed to make it out of the house and up to the new South Beach Taco Factory where I ordered one of their chorizo tacos and one of their delish shredded garlic beef tacos.  Since the shredded beef is my fave, I saved it for last. My stomach has not allowed me to eat spicy sausage for years (but lately has, huh…), therefore I opted to eat the choirzo one first, which the grease then proceeded to drip all over my skirt.  So we went home.  Thanks goodness I had taken this picture beforehand.  LOL!

Top:  Maxi Molly, thrifted from the Pipeline (Hurst) Goodwill

Skirt:  Ann Taylor Loft, thrifted from the Goodwill Boutique

Knee Socks:  Inspired by Olivia, purchased at Target

Boots:  Madeline, bought a couple of years ago from Burlington Coat Factory

Earrings:  Sam Moon

White pasty legs:  thank you Irish, English and Scottish heritage.  Oh yeah, the German in me doesn’t help either.

This bracelet?  Is it not the coolest?  AND I MADE IT!  Want one as well?  Check out the tutorial here.  No, it’s not my tutorial 😉

Well, that’s it for this week!  I have two more days of my thirty day challenge then I will probably change up my format a little.  I ordered a tripod and wireless remote for my Rebel and am going to try and get a little more exciting about where I take my pictures instead of in front of my boring fireplace.  Fort Worth has some of the coolest landmarks here, so I might as well showcase them as well as what I’m wearing.  Plus, next week I get to go home to Phoenix to see my fam!!!  No Neck and Sonnet got engaged not too long ago and since J2 can’t get time off around the holidays, we thought it would be best to make it home before the wedding in February.  Not only that, but my and Darth B’s birthday are six days apart, so we’ll be able to celebrate together for the first time in four years.  I AM SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED!  Expect lots of outfit pics at my favorite haunts.

As usual, I’m linking up to Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy and Morgan over at …Meet Virginia.  Have a faboo rest of your week everyone!

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‘Til next time,

Monday Musings…Reach for the Stars!

This quote says it all for me…

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What I Wore and the Challenge is Halfway Through!

So here it is, Wednesday again.  September here in Texas is finally cooling off a bit, but temps are still in the 90’s most days.  Rumor is though that it’s supposed to cool off this weekend.  We’ll see about that!  When we moved here five years ago, we were told that if we didn’t like the weather to wait 15 minutes and that is certainly true.  I just know that if I see another great set of boots (yes, I’m talking to you Olivia), I’ll turn a deeper shade of green than I already am.  But just wait, I’ll be whining about how I hate the cold come January.  That’s just me 🙂

I am more than halfway through my 30 day challenge of not wearing the same outfit twice and so far it’s going GREAT!  Want to try the same challenge?  Grab the button on my sidebar and jump on in-it’s a lot of fun.  Anyway, here’s my outfits for the week…

Wednesday, September 15th-Class because I swear, that’s all I ever do anymore is go to class…ugh

Sweater tunic:  Free People, thrifted from the Rufe Snow Goodwill (only $1 on sale day!)

White t-shirt:  Old Navy from probably four years ago

Jeans:  Big Star (I would name the fit, but they’re in the bedroom with my sleeping hubby)-these are my favorite ones too.  They’re a skinny cut with a little bit of stretch an they make a girl with hips look thin!  YES!

Ruffle Pumps:  Xhilaration Tabitha t-strap peep toe pumps from Target

Thursday, September 16th-just running around

Beaded tunic:  NY & CO from a few years ago

Jean:  Old Navy The Weekend boyfriend-cut jeans

Shoes:  Michael Kors Allie platforms off of eBay-you knew you’d see those again soon!!  LOVE THEM!

Friday, September 17th-Ugh, class…I threw a sweater over it because the rooms are so cold, but discarded it later.

Dress:  Ann Taylor Loft, thrifted from The Goodwill Boutique

Shoes:  Reaction by Kenneth Cole, bought years ago at T.J. Maxx

Saturday, September 18th-Breakfast with J2 and J3 at Our Place, then we were supposed to head to the Grapevine Grapevest, but someone’s best friend decided to drink too much tequila the night before and was hung over (thanks T-SPOT!!).  Then we found out the ASU/Wisconsin game was an early game, so we lounged around, ate pizza and watched ASU lose due to a missed extra point (and some super crappy refs).  The heartache…(sigh)…

Jeans:  Lucky (and I can’t remember the fit…but they are at least five years old)

T-shirt-ASU one, bought at the bookstore the last time I was home in Phoenix

Flip flops:  Old Navy

J3’s outfit:  Thanks to Gramommy for the ASU gear!  Love you MOM!!  (found out my mom reads my blog-is she a follower?  No…for shame…)

Sunday, September 19th-I was stuck with my nose in a business law textbook all day, so this is not a terrific look.  I did force myself to change out of my p.j.’s mind you, so I get points for that!

I’m seriously a walking advertisement for Old Navy right here-everything showing is from there.  Shorts from 2008, t-shirt and flip flops from this spring.

Monday, September 20th-my BLAW test and because I was up late the night before, I woke up late.  I normally don’t dry my hair (because it ends up looking like a frizzy mess), so I quickly showered and threw this on, mainly because the pants were comfortable.

Cargo pants:  Lady Hawthorne (I found a button that had the name on them since there are no tags)-thrifted from the Camp Bowie Goodwill

Tank Top:  Charlotte Russe

Cardigan:  Xhilaration from Target

Shoes:  black patent from Target (they were on clearance for $4)

Belt:  black patent, thrifted years ago

Necklace/Earrings:  NY & Co.

Tuesday, September 21st-I had a couple of errands to run and it was a little muggy, so I went for easy and light.

Turquoise tunic:  Twenty One-I have another one like it that’s longer, but this one has a cute fit.  Thrifted from the Rufe Snow Goodwill

Capris-oh how I love these capris.  Why do they have to be Motherhood Maternity?!?  I was rearranging that tummy panel all day long…

Belt:  I seriously have no idea.  It’s been in my closet for years-like as in 10 years because I remember wearing it that long ago!

Platforms:  Yes, back to basics, the basic black platforms that were thrifted years ago.  Come to think of it, I think they might have been No Boundaries ones…not sure on that.

So I know a few people have mentioned how self-conscious they feel taking their own pictures and I am in the same boat!  I always have such a goofy look on my face.  Anyone have a solution for that?  When I smile I feel like the Cheshire Cat…should (we all) just get over it?  The serious look is just not me.

And that’s it!  As usual, I’m linking up to the lovely ladies over at The Pleated Poppy and …Meet Virginia.  Thanks Lindsay and Morgan for hosting such fun parties!

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