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Seriously, I’m Still Here…

Hey Everyone, I apologize for the little hiatus I’ve been on as of late.  Between finals, the holidays and being sick with some strain of crud that not only I got but the baby got as well, I’ve not really done much of anything but hang out in my pajamas and watch movies.  Not to mention we got all of California’s rain and it’s been yucky outside, but I will be back with a vengence starting after the new year!!


Stay safe this weekend, and here’s to a fabulous 2011!



What Mommy Wore or What Fits After You Gained Six Pounds Over Thanksgiving

Honestly, the title of this post tells it all and I’m being dead serious; nothing in my closet, minus two pairs of jeans containing Lycra and a few other things fit right now because while T-Spots sister (the Sexy Midget) was in town for ten days over Thanksgiving, I gained six pounds.  Now back in the day, losing those six pounds just meant not eating a lot for 48 hours and the weight would just fall off.  Of course, anyone over the age of 30 knows THAT doesn’t work anymore.  The good ol’ metabolism slows down to snail speed and you actually have to go do something to get poundage to go away.  So, for the time being, I am wearing the things in my closet that I normally reserve for “that time of the month”.  Fun.  Okay, not fun, but I’m trying to tell myself that it is so that I’ll feel better (can you tell it’s not working?!?)

***Oh, and I should clarify on my lack of political correctness.  We have called T-Spot’s sister Sexy Midget for years now due to the fact that she barely stands five feet tall, making me just shy of being an entire foot taller.  I think an ex-boyfriend of mine called her that originally and it stuck.  It is by no means an attempt to be disrespectful of anyone that is vertically challenged.  But note in the picture below that J3, at sixteen months old, is officially more than half her height (he is 33″ tall, she 60″ when standing up very straight).  Muhahahaha….***

So back to my wardrobe dilema.  I have had this sweater for a while now that I luh-uve, but couldn’t find the right pants.  I haven’t been able to find a pair of skinny cargos that fit right (either too short or too snug in the booty) and in my mind that’s what the sweater needed to be paired with–that is until I found the skirt.

Cowl Neck Sweater:  I have no idea-there’s no tag in it, but I bought it from the Goodwill on Rufe Snow

Bubble/Tulip Skirt:  Miss Bisou, thrifted from the Hurst Goodwill

Over the Knee Socks:  Target

Shoes:  BCBG, thrifted from one of the Goodwill’s in Phoenix (I just can’t remember which one it was so long ago)

Flower Belt:  thrifted from the Rufe Snow Goodwill

Earringss:  I was supposed to wear these in my first wedding and forgot to put them on, hence why I still have them

I would never go for a bubble/tulip skirt, but I thought I might be able to alter it when I grabbed it off the rack because of the shape and the size (it’s a size bigger than what I normally wear).  When I tried it on, all I could think about it how perfect it would go with these socks.  I love these chunky knit socks and when I was in Target the other day they now have them in red, my favorite color.  Needless to say, I’ll be heading back to pick up a pair soon!  When I walked out in this outfit my husband just took one look at it, shook his head and said, “You do realize it’s 40 degrees outside, correct?”  to which I replied “Well yeah, that’s why I’m wearing socks.”  and he said “and I hate them.”  Ah, such is life!

Hopefully some time soon I will get my rump to the gym, lose a few pounds and start really blogging.  I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been in a bit of a funk, it’s the end of the semester and I just want some time to myself.  That should come very soon and then maybe I can get some real posts up.  Until then, this will just have to do!

For anyone visiting from The Pleated Poppy, Harper’s Happenings or anyplace else, welcome!  I do have one small favor.  The Sexy Midget has a friend named Robin that I’ve met a couple of times and she was just diagnosed with breast cancer.  She started blogging about it a few weeks ago and I have to say, not only is she funny, but she’s also very informative.  She’s got three posts up, so it’s a quick hop but please say hello and wish her well in her journey to kick cancer’s butt.


the pleated poppy blog

‘Til next time (stay warm!),

What I Wore Wednesday-Week Four

I apologize, I missed last week’s What I Wore Wednesday.  It was a little bittersweet last week-my baby boy (J3) turned a year old, but the day after his birthday we had to put my other baby, my fur baby (Fat Dog) , to sleep (ugh, I hate that term).  I don’t want this to be a downer post, so I’ll just say that for the rest of that week I didn’t really get dressed!  I am much better now, so here’s what I wore this past week…

Last Wednesday:  A girlfriend from high school had a double mastectomy due to breast cancer at the age of 37 so I wore pink in her honor.

Shirt:  Ronson from JC Penney (I wish I would have remembered to have my hubby take a picture of the back-super cute!)

Capris: NY & Co from 4 or so years ago

Shoes:  Ralph Lauren, thrifted

Thursday:  car dealership to get my A/C fixed, errands

Tank Tops: Old Navy

Skirt: Made by me 🙂

Belt:  Thrifted years ago

Shoes:  Thrifted years ago

Necklace/Earrings: Sam Moon (does anyplace else other than Texas have Sam Moon?  I LOVE that place!)

White, pasty legs-all me!  I do plan on fixing those though.  Look for a post on Friday about sunless tanning and how to get it right.  When I lived in Arizona (and was single), I used self-tanner all the time and consider myself a pro.  Now that I’m married and my hubby is pasty too, I don’t feel the need to be tan all the time (hahaha).

Friday: J3’s one year appointment, shopping!

Dress:  Arden B off of Ebay

Shoes:  Xhilaration from Target (bought about six years ago)

Saturday:  Thrifting, Fort Worth Public (Farmer’s) Market

Shirt:  Bongo, thrifted (see post tomorrow!)

Skirt:  Old Navy

Shoes:  Xhilaration from Target-I love the ruffle down the front of these shoes AND they come in red, black, purple, blue and gray!  I think I may need more pairs…not only that but they’re actually comfortable.  They don’t pinch and the heel is the perfect height.

Sunday was a wash…don’t know where the picture went, but I wore a boring purple maxi dress.

Monday:  J3’s first haircut, buying a new phone for J2

Shirt:  j.t.b.-gift from a friend when I was pregnant.  It was an XL and huge underneath the arms, so I flipped it inside out, pinned it to where it needed to be and then stitched it so that it fit!  I love it!

Skirt:  Ann Taylor Loft, thrifted (see tomorrow’s post!!)

Shoes:  No Boundaries from Walmart about three years ago

Necklace:  Shell from Bali, circa 2003

Tuesday:  Registering J2 at the local community college for statistics-he’s excited (uh, not).

Layering Cami:  Charlotte Russe (2 for $12)

Top:  Forever, thrifted

Pants:  Old Navy-I hated that at one point they had hip pockets, so I sewed them shut and then cut the pockets out.  Girls with hips and thighs like mine should not sport hip pockets, especially in white pants!!

Shoes:  Anne Marino, thrifted (again, see tomorrow’s post!).  I will admit, I lasted one stop in these 4″ babies before the yellow flip flops were busted out.  Those things are a pain to walk in!

Wednesday:  Fabric store, Central Market

Shirt:  Old Navy from two years ago

Jeans:  Boyfriend jeans from Old Navy-snagged at their $15 sale

Flip Flops:  Yep, I am a walking advertisement for Old Navy today!

Earrings and Necklace:  Hootie Big Eyed Owl from Lorienna Designs on Etsy (someone else had another owl design from her and I HAD to have some too!)

And the bracelet I had on was from Ebay years ago, but I wear it whenever I can since it doesn’t go with much.  I bought it to go with a dress for a wedding and it outlasted the dress!  The other bracelet is the Venetian Link from Tiffany & Co.  My husband gave it to me for our first Christmas together and I never take it off.  I’m funny like that-I wear the same rings, watch and bracelet all the time.  Until recently, I wore my same Elsa Peretti Bean pendant necklace (push gift), but now that I’m trying to accessorize more, I’m digging through all my jewelry for more options.

Well that’s it!  Of course, I’m linking up to The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday-can’t wait to see what everyone is wearing.


‘Til next time,


Happy Birthday America!

Hey everyone, I’m taking a few days off since my in-laws are in town helping celebrate J2’s birthday (yesterday) and the 4th of July (obviously today).  I’ll be back in full force later in the week!

American Flag.jpg
The Flag (photo by Jane M. Sawyer, courtesy of morguefile.com)

“Why” I ask…

Today was one of those days-limited sleep, fussy child, needy husband and a million things on my to-do list.  You know, like earning a living and finishing my homework for the semester since pretty much everything is due in the next two weeks.  Not only that, but summer registration for the local community college started at midnight, and since hubby is going back to get his BSN and needs a couple of classes, I get to stay up to register him for them (thanks for being so technologically challenged dear that I have to do this for you every time).  ANYWAY, it was just a crappy day and there was only enough Bombay in the bottle for one nice gin and tonic.  So, while battling the archaic browser for the CC, I started messing around on Twitter.

Twitter is still new enough to me that I’m fascinated by it-I just skip all over the place like a kid in a candy store, checking out people, what they tweet about, what their bios read…the usual.  Tonight was no different.  Instead of working or doing what I need to be doing, I’m reading Twitter profiles and clicking on links to people’s blogs.  I have no idea how I ran across this blog, but it just about broke my heart.  Check out http://www.especiallyheather.com-this woman is amazing.  I won’t steal her thunder by telling her story when you could be reading it yourself, but between what has been doled out to her and her family, I just keep going WHY.  Why does one person face multiple challenges and heartaches while others just skate by?  For all of you that are church-goers out there, yes, I know the Bible/religious version; I grew up LDS (Mormon) and know all the reasoning handed to us in scripture.  But don’t you just sometimes ask why?  The more I read blogs, the more I’m on Caring Bridge, the more I thank my lucky stars.  But I still ask why.

So, tonight, I’m going to wrap it up quickly, kiss on my sweet J3, go snuggle up to J2 and say a prayer for all those out there facing challenges.   And I’ll probably ask God why.

‘Til next time,


Mommies with True Moxie

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve been hideous about starting this blog.  Why?  Well, I’m mom to a eight month old little boy (J3) that I love spending time with, I’m taking 15 hours of classwork to finish my degree and I’m consulting on the side, PLUS trying to start up a business.  Yeah, the blogging thing has taken a bit of a backseat.  Oh, and I should mention that a girlfriend of mine and I are now adding another dimension to my business, one that takes quite a bit more research and planning than what I had originally thought.  Sooo…it’s been at the end of the to-do list.  plus, most days I have the attention span of a gnat, which doesn’t help!

I did feel like I needed to start writing though because so much HAS flown through my head.  A couple of people have asked why I chose the name “Mommy Moxie”.  I don’t remember exactly where I heard the term “moxie” , but I liked how it sounded.  When I looked up the exact meaning, it said “guts” or “courage”.  Well, for anyone out there that’s a mom, you know being a mom definitely takes courage.  There are days where screaming kids threaten to send you over the edge, but that’s what being a mom is all about–the good and the bad.  Hence the name.

Part of my senior project is getting this business off the ground and a lot of that is research.  The part of my business that I have to present is my marketing plan, and the internet plays a huge part in that; after all, my target market is fun, savvy moms and let’s face it, (you’re) using social media!  I am a Facebook pro (never really cared for MySpace), but Twitter is a completely different world, as is blogging.  I started a Twitter account though, and have been trying to figure out how the whole thing works.  I am not one of those people that needs to know when Ashton Kutcher picks his nose, but seeing what other moms are going through in 140 words or less is pretty interesting.  It was on Twitter and through Facebook that I found a couple of moms that bring a whole new meaning to the phrase  “mommy moxie” and wanted to spotlight them here.  Now, these are just a few moms out there that are showing a tremendous amount of courage, but these two have captured my heart at the moment and that are giving me the push to get my business off the ground.

Julie Locke and her son Dax are the first ones that stole a piece of my heart.  One of my dear friends, Carol (Toftoy) Brotzman, had a link on her Facebook page to a Caring Bridge website.  I had no idea what Caring Bridge was, but one day shortly after I had been laid off, I clicked on the link.  Caring Bridge is essentially a website for families to keep others updated about what is going on with their loved ones that are in the hospital.  Julie and her husband Austin’s son Dax was diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) in July of 2008, a month after his first birthday.  Luckily for them, they live fairly close to St. Jude’s hospital, and for the next year and a half they battled AML with everything they had.  Sadly, in the end, Dax lost his fight shortly after Christmas of 2009 and Julie blogged about it the entire time.  I will admit, I BAWLED when reading her posts.   When she posted that Dax had lost his fight 30 minutes after he passed, I almost lost it–how does a mother make it through something like that?  She has continued to blog since then about the emptiness and the loss she feels now that Dax is not with them physically.  She posted recently that someone IN HER GUEST BOOK of all places, commented that she’s just writing to gain sympathy.  I have some choice things I could write here about that insensitive ass, but instead, I leave them to karma and its amazing ability to give people what they deserve in the end.  Julie, keep the entries coming, we care about you!  Her motto is “Cherish Every Moment”, which I love.  Check out her Caring Bridge story here:  http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/daxlocke/ and donate to St. Jude’s to help them find a cure!

The second mom is another mother with a vast amount of courage.  Shanna Marsh and her husband Ryan are the parents of two year old Layla Grace.  She had been fighting stage four neuroblastoma for a while, and in mid-January found out it was back and winning the war in this precious little girl’s body.  After a long, hard battle, Layla lost her fight on March 9th, 2010.  I had been following them on Twitter (@LaylaGrace) for about a month prior and the news hit me hard.  In fact, that night, around 1 am, I woke up from a dead sleep and couldn’t get back down until about 3:30.  The next morning, Shanna and Ryan posted on Twitter that Layla had passed early that morning.  It gave me the chills-how can one become so connected with someone they’ve never met?  But I had, and felt as if my own little J3 had died.   I cried for three days after, and still tear up thinking about all they are going through, especially since they have two other girls, Jenna and Claire.  Shanna and Ryan are turning this into a positive though-the Layla Grace Foundation for neuroblastoma research is already under way.  So very few people have heard of neuroblastoma, yet it is the most common cancer in children under two.  I honestly believe that the Marsh’s will bring a tremendous amount of awareness to the disease and will not let anyone forget Miss Layla Grace.  The foundation is still in it’s infancy, but you can check out their progress at http://www.laylagrace.org.

One of the reasons that I wanted to start a business in the first place was so that I could donate money to the charities that I love.  With that in mind, once I get things going, there will be a Dax gown and a Layla gown in my line.  I will donate all of the proceeds to the Dax gown to St. Jude’s in his name, and all of the Layla gown to the Layla Grace Foundation.  I have no idea what the Dax gown will look like, but I am imaging the Layla gown as purple with butterflies and if at all possible “sparky” (Layla’s term for sparkly).  Maybe an orange daisy or two thrown in for good measure…if anyone out there knows of these two stories and has ideas, I would love to hear them!

As a side note, I am not normally serious and somber.  I’m more of the snarky, fun-loving, sarcastic type, but lately these two moms have really stuck in my head.  When J3 is testing his lung and vocal capacity, or he’s so fussy nothing makes him happy, I now sit back, take a deep breath and thank God that I have him with me, giving me snuggles and kisses.  On those trying days, I just pray for a little more moxie. 😉

‘Til next time!


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