Thanks to Goodwill I Can Steal Jessica Lowndes’s Look for Less than $25…What Mommy Wore!

Back at the beginning of the month (or the end of last month, can’t remember which), PopSugar posted a Look of the Day that featured Jessica Lowndes (who plays Adrianna Tate-Duncan on the tv show 90210) sporting a super-cute look that I fell in love with due to its simplicity and perceived  comfort level.  Unfortunately, it featured a Tory Burch Thorri striped top that I knew would probably not be in my budget any time soon.  But, I tucked the photo into my inspirations folder “just in case” because I might win the lottery one of these days if you can do that without purchasing a ticket.  Here’s Jessica’s lovely outfit:

Photo:  100 Inspirations (who linked to PopSugar)

Of course, a few days later the wonderful ladies over at 100 Inspirations, who are the best at duplicating celeb looks for those of us on a budget, came up with an amazing alternative for around $113!  Still, that constituted my clothing budget for two months, so I had to use my resources…and here’s what I found…

Mossimo army jacket, Old Navy jeans, Guess booties, Express striped shirt, rabbit hair scarf

Jeans:  Old Navy, thrifted from the White Settlement Goodwill (with tags still on)- $4.19

Army Style Jacket:  Mossimo, thrifted from the Saginaw Goodwill– $5.99

Striped top:  Express, thrifted from the Goodwill Boutique– $4.99

Booties:  Guess, thrifted from the Rufe Snow Goodwill– $7.00

Scarf:  no idea on the brand, but it’s tag says it’s mainly rabbit hair-thrifted from the Saginaw Goodwill– $1.99

GRAND TOTAL:  $24.16! Just goes to show you can shop second hand and still look like a star 😉  Oh how I LOVE Goodwill!

I will be honest though-I didn’t really care for the scarf, as it was a little constricting for me.  Here’s how I actually wore the look:

Old Navy jeans, Express striped shirt, Mossimo jacket, Guess booties

This was actually super comfortable and perfect for a day when the weather was a little cooler.  I could have really copied Jessica by wearing my hair down, but the second day pony tail (which looked slightly train-wreckish by the end of the day when the photo was taken) worked.  I gave it the Mommy thumbs up for comfort, stylishness and the ability to pick up a child without showing anything indecent.  What do you think–thumbs up, thumbs down, thumbs neutral…worth duplicating again?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

So a big thank you goes out to Jessica Lowndes for having great style for us to rip off and thanks to the Fort Worth area Goodwill’s for having such fabulous finds!  MUAH right on the mouth!!

‘Til next time,



Thrifty Thursday and the Saginaw Goodwill Grand Opening

There are very few things that warm my heart like a good thrift store, other than (of course) my family and friends and the usual things along those lines.  But for some odd reason, I love second hand items.  Maybe it’s the sorta tree hugger in me or the frugalista, but whatever it is, I love it.  Granted, I love other stores as well, but I think the thrill of the hunt involved in thrift store shopping is almost like a drug.  So when I got the email from the Goodwill Guy of Fort Worth that the highly anticipated Saginaw location was opening on September 10th, I had to go and check it out.  (Want on their mailing list?  Trust me, you do because you get great coupons, notifications of sales and all kinds of other great info.  Sign up here by clicking the Contact Us web link at the bottom of the page )

Saginaw Goodwill:  415 North Saginaw Boulevard, Saginaw, TX

I got there around 11:40 am since I had class that morning, and was greeted by an overflowing parking lot.  I managed to find someone pulling out of a spot in the back, so I snagged it and teetered on it in those Boutique 9 heels of mine.  When I walked in, my heart was immediately happy.  The staff greeted me at the door and the store is HUGE.  I could almost hear the angels singing it looked so great.  Ahhhh…

The women’s section is located off to the right, so I checked out the shoe selection first.  I am a complete and total shoe whore, therefore shoes are always my first priority.  There were quite a few to choose from, but none that I liked were in my size.  I had to pass on a pair of Nine West buckled black boots, hand tooled brown leather booties and a pair of White House/Black Market spectator pumps because they were all the wrong size.  I almost cried because of those pumps, but there was no way a 10 would ever fit, not matter how much I stuffed in the toes.

Jackets and dresses were next since they were against the wall.  It was here I found my kryptonite.  Since I have so very few jackets, I’ve been trying to stock up and here I just kept finding one after another that met all my fall requirements.  By the time I was done trying them on in the mirror, here’s what was in my cart:

This little gem was also in there, although I really don’t know if it’s a jacket or a dress-here it is on me.  What do you think?  Jacket or a dress?  And how would you wear it?  I just had to have it because of the fabulous detailing-the ruched sleeves, the fit, the big buttons, everything!  It looks black in the pictures, but it’s navy and unfortunately, it ends just under my rump, making it a wee bit short.  Also, I was nice and cut out my pasty white legs!  I just am a little stumped on how to wear it, so please, give me your thoughts.

I moved on down to the dress section but in my heart I knew I was close to hitting my budget with what I already had in my cart, so I was overly picky.  There were a ton of great dresses to choose from and only two made the cut.  The orange sweater tunic because I could see it with leggings and boots when it cools down a bit more and the dress I thought I could wear for my real presentation on Monday.  We all know that didn’t happen, mainly because when I got home in better light, I noticed the tailoring was a little off and that it needs some work.

After adding those two darlings, I KNEW I was at my limit.  I give myself $20 a week to spend on clothes and I knew I was blowing two weeks worth of budget with all these goodies.  But of course, I couldn’t help myself and glanced through the pants, skirts and tops.  I finally had to walk away before the Betsey Johnson top I was lusting over screamed at me any longer.  I refused to give up anything in my cart for the top and my self control won.  How THAT ever happened, I will never know!

I did briefly glance through the men’s, children’s and housewares section.  The selections looked fantastic, but I didn’t dare do anything more than glance.  I can justify spending one week ahead of my budget but not two!

So in conclusion, this new Super Store of Goodwill’s is FAB!  As soon as I have some extra cash, I’ll be sure to cruise over there to look more thoroughly at what this Super Store has to offer.  If you’re in the Fort Worth area, be sure to stop by this Goodwill and see what Good Finds you can find!

Oh, and I should mention-Goodwill is not compensating me in any way for writing this review.  I just love Goodwill and their mission, so I support their stores.  But I will be sure to let the Goodwill Guy of Fort Worth know…

‘Til next time,


Thrifty Thursday

So, I just cleaned out my closet.  For the record, I have a pretty good sized walk-in closet that my husband gets minimal amount of space in (he’s a nurse, he wears scrubs that FOLD-that’s why he got the big dresser).  After looking through my clothing situation yesterday, I realized that there were a lot of things I didn’t have a chance in hell of wearing ever again, thankyouforruiningmommysbodyson.  Lots of cute clingy tops, form fitting dresses, and short skirts.  As in about forty hanging items that needed to go benefit someone else.  So I cleaned all those out…and headed to the thrift store!  HAHAHA!  You thought I was going to say I actually had space left in my closet.  Nope, no such luck.  I feel weird if there’s too much space in there.  And I heard of a new (Well, new to me) thrift shop from an article in our local paper, the Star Telegram, so I headed on down.

Double Exposure is the resale shop of the Junior League of Fort Worth.  They’re located just south of the downtown hospital district, and I must say, I was impressed!  Granted, I love hunting for things, but I didn’t have to do much hunting as there were a lot of items that I liked.  Unfortunately, J3 was practicing his howler monkey screeches that day, so I didn’t have much time to shop, but in the short amount of time that I did, I found four super cute items, plus a few more I didn’t photograph (like receiving blankets and sleepers for J3).  Now, keep in mind, we are currently shopping for a new camera, so this picture really doesn’t do justice…

Double Exposure finds

Double Exposure finds

From left to right… a 3/4 sleeve Maggie London tan jacket ($12), Velvet tissue weight black turtleneck ($9), Forever 21 top ($4) and a Limited black and grey pinstripe short sleeve top ($6).

I was praying the Forever 21 top fit because it PERFECTLY matches a pair of earrings I bought and had never worn because they didn’t match anything-now they do!  I can’t wait to wear the jacket and the turtleneck in the fall, and I’m excited to wear that pinstripe top with a pair of capris.

As for previous Thrifty Thursday finds, here’s a couple of pictures of one of the t-shirts from Goodwill that I refashioned:

Love is in the Air t-shirt refashion

Love is in the Air t-shirt refashion-back

Now I’ve never written a tutorial, but I’ve read plenty-if anyone wants to know how I refashioned this t-shift, leave a comment requesting a tutorial and I’ll (attempt) to show you how.  Notice the word “attempt”!

Sooo…I guess I wrote this, saved it, and then forgot to post it, so Thrifty Thursday is on a Friday.  Oops!  Sorry ’bout that…

Oh, and if anyone has any advice on cameras, I would LOVE to hear your opinions!  We’re currently looking at the Canon Rebel, but we’re open.  I’ve owned a Canon before and loved that camera.  Then my husband bought this Sony one and I can’t say I care for it at all.  It’s a point and shoot and it just doesn’t take great pictures.  If you have a Canon, Nikon or Olympus, I would love to hear about what you think.

‘Til next time,


Thrifty Thursday

I said I was thinking about having a Thrifty Thursday post and here it is!  As I mentioned before, I love thrift stores.  I love searching through things to find the good stuff and I love the fact that I’m not contributing to more crap on the planet (although I do my fair share of that as well).  In Phoenix, I was a regular at Buffalo Exchange, but the Buffalo here (well, over in Dallas)  is not quite the same (sorry guys).  So here in Fort Worth,  I frequent a few shops; Thrift Town, Goodwill, Second Glance and we actually have GW (Goodwill) Boutique.  This week I hit all four but only found things I had to have at Goodwill, the Boutique and Second Glance.  Go figure that the things I found satisfied two of my biggest weaknesses; shoes and t-shirts, although I found a couple of dresses  and some tops too.

First things I found: shoes!  From left to right, Unlisted by Kenneth Cole cream with brown polka dot pumps ($4-Second Glance), white strappy Ralph Lauren kitten heels ($4-Goodwill) and black Guess peep toe booties ($8-Goodwill).  I’ve been looking for white kitten-type heels forever to go with a couple of dresses and these are perfect!

Next up, T-shirts!  I’m on a music/guitar kick, so the one on the right has a drum in the background and guitars in the forefront ($1.99-Goodwill) and then the Fender T-shirt will be super cute re-fashioned only because it’s pretty big ($1.99–Goodwill).  I’m thinking of some ruching maybe…?

Couple more T-shirts: Red t-shirt with a white heart that I will re-fashion because it’s a tad too short, but I love the design ($1 on sale–Second Glance) and a hysterical “Love is in the Air” t-shirt that features one dog sniffing another dog’s butt.  If I can figure out how to write “Spay and Neuter your Pets” on it without being obvious it was an added sentiment, I will ($1.99-Goodwill).

I also found a couple of really cute dresses and a cute top.  Gap dark green knit dress ($8 GW Boutique), Ann Taylor Loft strapless dress ($8-GW Boutique) and I love this Charlotte Russe plaid top, but whomever sewed it together did a horrible job.  It may become a pattern for another top ($4-GW Boutique).  It’s too bad that no matter what the lighting or setting I used on my (crappy and about to get traded in for a new model) camera, you can’t see the details on the Gap dress without a closeup.  Oh well, I probably won’t wear it until fall anyway.

The last picture is of a top that I bought because I love the halter neck and empire waist shape it has-I have another one just like it in a solid pink made by Arden B, but this one is a funky rust colored striped material.  I don’t know if this will end up being the pattern I intended it to be, or it will remain the way it is; I guess it depends if I can accept the color on me without thinking it screams 1998 ($2 on sale-Second Glance).

I also picked up a few baby things, but only some fall p.j.’s for J3, but nothing exciting enough to show.

So does anyone else have some thrifty finds they’d like to share?  I would love to link up!!

‘Til next time,