Motivational Monday-A New Workout Challenge!

Just in case anyone noticed, I’ve been gone for a bit.  Turns out I got to witness this…

No Neck and Sonnet’s GORGEOUS wedding


Actually got my husband to take a picture with me…

He hates pictures, not the fact that I’m being silly or that I’m taller than him thanks to 4″ heels


I also got to watch this…

Opening Day of Spring Training 2011 between the San Diego Padres and the Seattle Mariners


And enjoy this…

J3 about to show his cousin Ry-Boo some love


In other words, I was in Phoenix for 15 glorious days.  No Neck and Sonnet were kind enough to put us up and we were able to see my Mom, Tree Hugger, Darth B and Ry-Boo quite a bit.  I ate like a queen, yet I didn’t gain any weight.  Why?  I think it was all the stairs I climbed at No Neck’s, the thrift shopping with Mom, the looking at houses (yes, we’re still on a kick that we might get to move back home) and just meandering in general.  We had a great time, but then it was back home to reality.


Although I lost a few pounds prior to the wedding, I’m still not losing the inches I want.  Then J2 called one night from work and had me look up this website. And right then and there I knew my next challenge that would get me into the gym on a regular basis.

In case you didn’t skip over to the site, the event is called the Warrior Dash and it’s basically running a 5K except with a ton of obstacles thrown in the mix.  You climb up cargo nets, scamper over giant hay bales, wade through streams and then-at the very end-you belly crawl through the mud under barbed wire.  Now THAT’S my kind of competition!  Apparently some of J2’s co-workers are competing in the one here in North Texas in a couple of weeks, but we decided to actually train and try the one in Central Texas in November.  On their website, it says this is how you train:

How do I train for Warrior Dash?

  1. Day one: run as far as you can. Go home.
  2. Day two: do the same thing.
  3. Find the dirtiest pond in your neighborhood and snorkel in it – in your slippers, without goggles.
  4. Practice your climbing and crawling skills at your local jungle gym. Ignore the small children and parental glares.
  5. Do not shower or shave for weeks in order to obtain a true Warrior look.

Seriously though, your best bet is to do plenty of running leading up to the race.


Yeah, my neighborhood has a pond.  Wonder how they’d feel about me snorkeling in it?


Since my favorite activities to get my blood pumping are hiking, rock climbing and anything that keeps me out of a gym, I figured this would be great.  Also, remember the chick in the middle?

Me, BBKF and T-Spot

While I was in Phoenix, she finished moving from Michigan to Fort Worth!  Turns out while she was up there, she picked up rock climbing and running, so now I have a workout partner and I’m thrilled.  She’s going to run the race with us as well.  Unfortunately, with T-Spot being a severely asthmatic she’s out (hay is not her friend), but she’s going to go with us anyway and cheer our muddy butts on to victory!

With that, I’m off to the gym.  If anyone out there has run this race and has any advice, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Oh, and as of Friday, Mommy Moxie has a new home!  We’re moving from to  You’ll be able to find us at  Hope to see you there!

‘Til next time,



Motivation…and the lack thereof until now

For a while now, I’ve whined and bitched and moaned and groaned about the fact that I have not yet returned to my pre-pregnancy body after giving birth 18 months ago. Granted, I am a couple of pounds lower than my pre-pregnancy weight, but my stomach, butt and thighs resemble nothing of my past. They are untoned, flabby and frankly, larger than I like.

With that being said, I have attempted to control my diet thinking that those aforementioned parts would miraculously tone themselves up. Uh, yeah, right. When you’re rapidly approaching 40, just diet does not work anymore. It helps, but does not change the fact that as we age, our muscles lose their firmness. Especially those that gravity seems to pull at more LIKE MY ASS. What I once proudly flaunted in a tiny swimsuit at the lake now looks like two cats fighting under a blanket when I walk. The toned, tight stomach that was always my pride and joy (thank you genetics for a lot of that) now falls in the “muffin top” category. Although my thighs have never been my favorite body part, at least once upon a time you could see the definition in the muscles. Now, that’s a figment of my imagination (you know, where you keep thinking you see something that’s really not there…yep, that’s what I’m talking about). So it’s time to get serious…seriously.

The Heir to Blair does a little link up on Mondays called McFatty Mondays. I love Ms. BA because she is wonderfully honest and her struggles with her weight (even though I think she looks fab) are an inspiration. In hopes of getting my tone on, I’m linking up with her while I force myself to exercise while continuing to watch my diet. Granted, today is a bust because J2 made dinner reservations at some swanky Italian restaurant in Grapevine and brought me chocolates and wine, but tomorrow it’s the gym, good healthy food and NO ALCOHOL. Not having my cocktail or glass of wine at the end of the day will probably kill me, but it’s going to be worth it not consuming those extra calories and it may just kick start losing a few inches off my hip area.

See, No Neck and Sonnet’s wedding is in 12 days and I don’t have a dress yet. I bought a smokin’ hot Nicole Miller one online, but when it arrived and tried it on, my best friend (T-Spot) said it made me look “hippy” and no, that is not “hippie” that means “wow, you look huge in the butt and thighs”. There are many reasons why she is my BFF and her honest opinion when I ask for it is one of them. After that assessment I’ve been frantically searching for a pewter or gray dress that hides my problem areas and is age/wedding appropriate with no luck. If I would just lose a couple of inches off my butt this wouldn’t be an issue!  ARGH!  It makes me even that much more disgusted and motivated at the same time to make a change.

When you don’t feel good about yourself, it’s hard to see the things in a positive light.  Melissa from A Working Mom’s Closet and Hope  from Hope and the Dress Code is hosting a little get together called Fabulous in February: A Month of Positivity where people name the three things they like about themselves every Monday. As I am struggling with self image, this week it seems appropriate for me try and see some good, so here they are:

Physical Aspect: I really like my legs from the knee down, hence why I am on the search for the perfect dress that is at least knee length! Plus, I look forward to getting my great calves back while working out 🙂
Mental Aspect: When I get my mind set on something, consider it done! I am bound and determined to shave some inchess off in the next few weeks (hopefully ten days), so let’s see how many I can shave off before the big wedding.
Spiritual/Emotional Aspect: I like that I’m a bit of a softie and that sappy commercials make me cry, as does my husband saying sweet things or my child learning something new. On days like today, my husband loves it. When I cry during AT&T commercials, he makes fun of me but it makes me, “me”.

And…here’s the really embarassing part.  Here are the measurements of my “problem” areas so that I know what I’ve lost (because pounds to me don’t really matter, inches do).  I can’t believe I’m sharing this, but what the heck!

Muffin top area (not really my waist, but not my hips either)- 34.5″

Butt:  41″

Hips/Thighs at widest point:  42″


So, wish me luck and if you have any great workouts you do, please let me know.  I am always open to suggestions and such.

Oh, and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  Give those you love a great big hug, and for those you really love, something special 😉


“Til next time,