These are the days of miracle and wonder…

This morning, still wandering about the house in my jammies, no coffee in my system yet, I got one of the best calls I’ve gotten in a long time.

No Neck and Sonnet are not only having a baby, they’re having a little BOY!

(I was going to film myself doing the happy dance and insert it here, but then realized that would scare everyone and not worth the risk)

I was a bad blogger and didn’t write about when No Neck called me back in December on a Friday night with the news that Sonnet had peed on the ‘ol stick and it said HE KNOCKED YOU UP (sorry about not filling you in, it was during finals).  And that I was the first one to know because they were afraid to tell my mom due to the fact that the wedding isn’t until the end of February.  Actually, they were more worried about telling Sonnet’s parents  because my mom is pretty darn cool and they knew she wasn’t going to really care just as long as she gets another grandchild.  Sonnet’s the baby and only girl in their family though and her Midwestern parents believe that there is a progression to things, like love, then marriage, and THEN the baby carriage.  I felt beyond honored.  So honored that I only scolded my baby brother for a minute for not listening to me when I told him not to get her pregnant before the wedding because really freakin’ expensive form-fitting wedding gowns don’t look great with a baby bump.  I was just thrilled.

See, when Darth B and Tree Hugger got pregnant, I didn’t have a baby yet, nor was I pregnant and didn’t really “get” it-you know, the whole idea of what a miracle this entire process is and how it impacts everyone’s life around you.  Then Ry-Boo was born, I had J3 and now my baby brother, the brother whose diapers I changed, is having baby.  I am in awe…

Now if only my body would cooperate and get pregnant, Baby T could have a cousin close to his same age.  Alas, that’s a different post for a different day…


So ’til next time,