Monday Musings…True Friends are Hard to Find

This past week my other best friend (BBKF) was in town for work.  This is only the second time she’s had the chance to get out here from Michigan, the first being for J3’s baby party (okay fine,” shower”) and then just this past week.  Her being here really opened up my eyes as to what amazing friends I have and that I would not trade them for the world.  For the past eight years, the three of us have been inseparable, even if it’s only been in spirit.  I’ve mentioned before that T-Spot and I have been BFF’s for 13 years, since we met working for a municipal parks and rec program in Arizona, but we met BBKF eight years ago when we rented a house across the street from BBKF’s now ex-boyfriend.  She was (and still is) funny, hip and crazy as all get-out and we loved her right away.  Being away from each other has made the three of us realize that even though the miles may separate us, we are still the three Musketeer-ettes, each as different as can be, but one in the same.  Oh, and that there is no reason that we should be apart any longer.  BBKF and the boy that schlepped her off to Michigan are no longer together, so why stay?  Sooo…we’re all thinking about heading back to Arizona to get the band back together.  Shhh, don’t tell anyone because my in-laws don’t know it yet (although they will soon), and we have A LOT to do to make that happen (like sell a house in a not-so-great market), but if we can, we will.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!!

(**For the record, that is not the only reason we want to head back.  I’ve mentioned before how much I miss my family, so that’s a big one.  Plus No Neck and Sonnet are getting married and are going to have kids right away (if it’s meant to be), Tree Hugger and Darth B have little Ry-Bear for J3 to grow up with, my mom is getting ready to retire….etc., etc.**)


So I am dedicating Monday Musings to the two best friends one could ever ask for…


Me, BBKF and T-Spot before BBKF headed to the airport…

‘Til next time,



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