What I Wore Wednesday and Fall is HERE!

WOO HOO!  Fall has finally (kinda) arrived in Texas!  We’ve had a few days the past week that have been a little warm, but for the most part we’re staying in the 80’s.  Being from Phoenix and all, that’s fall.  While I was growing up in Washington state, that was summer, but still.  There was actually one morning that it was only 54 degrees when I left for class and I had to wear a JACKET.  How fab is that?!?

As for the 30 days 30 outfits challenge, it’s still going on and going strong.  I will be glad when it’s over in a few days only because I have missed some items in my closet dearly-a few pairs of my Big Star jeans for instance and a few pairs of shoes.  Other than that, I could probably keep going and just might 😉  Anyway, here’s what I wore…

Wednesday, September 22nd-class and according to my planner, not much else

Animal Print top:  NY & Co from two years ago.  My husband hates this top-says it’s a throwback from the 90’s.  Thanks babe 😉

Jeans:  trouser style Diva jeans from Old Navy, thrifted from the Industrial Blvd Goodwill.  I LOVE these pants and can’t wait to wear them again.

Shoes (that you can’t see)-Marc Fisher Surelle in patent pink.  I bought them at Macy’s on the clearance rack three years ago and paid $40 which for me is pretty rare!

Earrings:  Old Navy

Thursday, September 23rd-running errands

Brown tank underneath that you can’t see:  Old Navy

Top:  Forever Twenty One-half way through the day I happened to notice that it had ripped under one arm.  Not in the armpit either, halfway down across the seam, not with it.  For the love….thrifted from Double Exposure (post here).

Jeans:  Old Navy Sweetheart jeans-thrifted from the Cherry Lane (White Settlement) Goodwill.  They still had the $30 tags on them and I got them for $4!

Shoes:  Tafia by Xhilaration wedges from Target

Earrings:  NY & Co

Friday, September 24th-Class and my BFF’s birthday dinner at our house.  For not wanting to get on my high horse about the absolute thoughtlessness of some people, it ended up being just her and us.  It was better that way anyway.  Grrrr…

Top:  L.O.G.G. for H&M peasant top, thrifted from Pipeline (Hurst) Goodwill

Jeans:  Jean Star, thrifted from Goodwill but I have no idea which one since it was sooo long ago

Boots:  vintage Circle S boots-you knew you would see these again!  I like them much better with pants, not to mention one of the girls in my class told me how great they (are).  Thrifted from the Campus Drive Goodwill

Saturday, September 25th-T-Spot’s official birthday dinner at Asian Mint over in Dallas.  Once again, someone (same person) was incredibly rude and didn’t show.  Double grrr….

T-Spot:  pants and top form NY & Co.  The shoes…no clue.  I think she might have found them at Payless or Target a couple of years ago.  She has a size 10+ foot that is super wide, so she has problems finding shoes that fit, hence why she lives in flip flops and tennies.  We call her Barney Rubble (with love, trust me).

Me-Dress:  Vera by Vera Wang, thrifted from the Industrial Blvd (Bedford) Goodwill

Belt:  from another shirt

Tights:  Hanes from Target

Shoes:  Franco Sarto, thrifted from the Haltom City Goodwill

Sunday, September 26th-it was a little warm and I didn’t do much of anything but study.  To be honest, the only time I put on shoes was to go out and water the plants and these shoes happened to be the first ones I could grab in the closet

Dress:  MSK, thrifted from the Haltom City Goodwill.  I was walking out of the fitting room and saw it hanging on the rack-it wasn’t there when I looked before, so I grabbed it, saw it was within a size and bought it.  J3 was super fussy and I didn’t want to go back and try it on.  It fits well enough.

Shoes:  I think No Boundaries?

Necklace:  This is a closer shot of the necklace.  Funny story about this is that I hopped in to the Hulen Goodwill one day and there were vases filled with jewelry like this.  I happened to see a feather pin in one vase that I liked, so I bought it ($3).  This and about five or six great necklaces, pins and such were in there!  Good Find 😉

Monday, September 27th-Class on about 1.5 hours of sleep.  I had a test that morning and had stayed up late studying, then couldn’t sleep.  This was the morning that it was 54 degrees when I left for class…ahhhh…

Black top underneath that you can’t see (jacket never came off anyway):  NY & Co

Jacket: L.A. Kitty, thrifted from the Saginaw Goodwill (I did a post here on their grand opening and the great items I scored)

Jeans:  Gap Long and Lean jeans, thrifted from one of the Phoenix Buffalo Exchange’s years ago (I hold on to jeans that fit!)

Belt:  Brighton, thrifted from the Haltom City Goodwill

Booties:  Guess, thrifted from the Rufe Snow Goodwill

Tuesday, September 26th-I managed to make it out of the house and up to the new South Beach Taco Factory where I ordered one of their chorizo tacos and one of their delish shredded garlic beef tacos.  Since the shredded beef is my fave, I saved it for last. My stomach has not allowed me to eat spicy sausage for years (but lately has, huh…), therefore I opted to eat the choirzo one first, which the grease then proceeded to drip all over my skirt.  So we went home.  Thanks goodness I had taken this picture beforehand.  LOL!

Top:  Maxi Molly, thrifted from the Pipeline (Hurst) Goodwill

Skirt:  Ann Taylor Loft, thrifted from the Goodwill Boutique

Knee Socks:  Inspired by Olivia, purchased at Target

Boots:  Madeline, bought a couple of years ago from Burlington Coat Factory

Earrings:  Sam Moon

White pasty legs:  thank you Irish, English and Scottish heritage.  Oh yeah, the German in me doesn’t help either.

This bracelet?  Is it not the coolest?  AND I MADE IT!  Want one as well?  Check out the tutorial here.  No, it’s not my tutorial 😉

Well, that’s it for this week!  I have two more days of my thirty day challenge then I will probably change up my format a little.  I ordered a tripod and wireless remote for my Rebel and am going to try and get a little more exciting about where I take my pictures instead of in front of my boring fireplace.  Fort Worth has some of the coolest landmarks here, so I might as well showcase them as well as what I’m wearing.  Plus, next week I get to go home to Phoenix to see my fam!!!  No Neck and Sonnet got engaged not too long ago and since J2 can’t get time off around the holidays, we thought it would be best to make it home before the wedding in February.  Not only that, but my and Darth B’s birthday are six days apart, so we’ll be able to celebrate together for the first time in four years.  I AM SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED!  Expect lots of outfit pics at my favorite haunts.

As usual, I’m linking up to Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy and Morgan over at …Meet Virginia.  Have a faboo rest of your week everyone!

the pleated poppy blog

‘Til next time,


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Olivia
    Sep 29, 2010 @ 10:27:04

    1) Those brown boots are amazing

    2) Love that elephant/lion necklace.

    3) Your new (to you) belt looks fantastic on you!

    4) WOOHOO for fall weather!

    5) Thanks for the shout-out.

    6) Congrats on the challenge. I’ve often thought my hatred of doing laundry partly stems from the fact that if I put it off for months I;d still have clean clothes to wear. Yikes.


  2. ann
    Sep 29, 2010 @ 15:29:33

    love thursdays shoes!!


  3. Jewelscapes
    Sep 29, 2010 @ 15:44:55

    How fun! You look great.
    I have a “Bejeweled Wednesdays” link up for gals like you who like to coordinate jewelry into their outfits. I’d love it if you’d add your link to it and share in the sharing of accessorizing ideas!
    Bejeweled Wednesdays@jewelscapes.blogspot


  4. Eboni Ife
    Oct 01, 2010 @ 11:54:03

    Wow. What an exquisite necklace. I love it!


  5. Justine
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 01:49:26

    All you girls look great!

    Just Better Together


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