Motivation…is something I am slowly gaining!

Right off the bat, I will apologize for the lack of posts lately.  Like I mentioned before, I’ve been a little down in the dumps about my precious Boxer Chipper passing, and J3 is teething, which means I have to hold him constantly or he is the worst child on the planet, screaming, getting into anything he can while screaming, or torturing our other Boxer.  Frankly, she is too darn old for that, so he gets held A LOT.  I have had the chance to read a few blogs though, and this week Becca from Bare Feet on the Dash is hosting a Beach Week Party.  I LOVE the beach-I may fear being in deep water, but there is nothing more calming to me than the sound of waves crashing on the shore.  In fact, one of the reasons J2 and I were married in Mexico was so that we could spend our honeymoon next to the ocean.  Shortly after we were married, we moved into the home we built and I decorated our master bath with some of the items we used in the wedding so that I could recapture some of the memories from that day.  Like the starfish on the arch pictured below:

Unfortunately, as the past three years have rolled by, the bathroom went from cute to cluttered with stuff that is not cute.  Ugh.

For the longest time I had been meaning to go through things, straighten things up, and move some things around.  I had also been meaning to join Amy over at New Nostalgia for her Anti-Procrastination Tuesdays.  When I first started blogging and winding my way around Twitter, she had invited me to join the link party (when it first started, how sad is that), and just now am I getting around to it-talk about putting things off!  But now since I have two parties to link to I said what the heck and am jumping in!

So you saw the before photos-cluttered, way too many magazines, and not very relaxing.  I am one of those people that loves to take a bath to relax, so this is MY space.  And when out shopping for something one day, I came across this at Lowes:

I also love orchids but thought I would never be able to keep one alive.  That has been a struggle (and if anyone has any tips, throw them my way PLEASE), but I decided to go for it and plopped my $9 down on the counter for her.

I also found this little gem while out thrifting.  I haven’t done anything with it yet, but I think I might crackle paint or maybe antique it a little.  It’s almost as cool as Becca’s project that she just finished.

So here is my relaxation zone after most of the re-do’s:

The starfish above the towel rack are from our wedding, as mentioned above.  The towels are Ralph Lauren that I picked up from Ross.  These towels are some of my favorites, as they hold up extremely well and last forever (my last set lasted six years without getting stinky!!).  I found the shell/starfish prints at Ross as well.  The vases that hold the shells on the windowsill are from flowers that my husband sent me at work (I know, he’s so romantic!) and the B was our wedding cake topper on a stand I created.  The shell frame I found at Ross also years ago, and the blue basket with the magazines/books held the favors at our wedding.  The little tub in the middle that holds my bubble bath used to look like this…

…but I sprayed it with a coat of tan paint and then a thin coat of white to give it a beach-y look.  Also, the two hurricane candle holders were some of the centerpieces at our wedding.  They even have the same candles we used and the sand is off the beach in Puerto Penasco (it was fun getting those home!).  All the shells have been collected off various beaches through the years, although one or two may have been purchased when I was a child.

The rest of the things are simple-the container by the spout was purchased at Michael’s and has the word “SOAK” Mod Podged onto it with letters I cut out with my Cricut and it hold epsom salts for my achy back.  The little tea lights were also from our wedding, the silver tray was purchased years ago from a little candle shop called the Candle and Gift Factory Outlet in Phoenix that no longer exists, and the tea light “fountain” looking thing was J2’s (I think he got it in a white elephant gift exchange).  If I’ve had a really bad day, I light up all of those candles and draw myself a nice hot bath.  I grab my cocktail and a good book or magazine and hide for an hour (at least-if the book’s really good, I’ll stay in there until the water gets cold).  My little scene looks like this…

In fact, that picture was just taken, so I am going to go get in my nice hot bath and relax!  If you haven’t already, stop by both the parties I’m linking to and see what everyone else out there is doing!

‘Til next time!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Becca
    Aug 18, 2010 @ 16:09:01

    Great re-do! I’m doing a beachy thing in my bathroom too, as you saw. Thanks for linking to my project, and for joining in the Beach Week party. I really appreciate it.


  2. Anji*
    Aug 19, 2010 @ 04:46:38

    I love a beachy/seaside theme in bathrooms.. it just seems ‘right’! I have a few shells in mine, and some ideas for more beachy elements.. (I am also a big procrastinator!) You have lots of lovely touches in your bathroom, it looks very beachy and relaxing!


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