What I Wore Wednesday-Week Six (and a Challenge!)

Hey All, it’s Wednesday again!  Time flies when you’ve had your nose to the grindstone trying to get things done before school starts.  This weekly link party over at The Pleated Poppy has really been good for me since it has challenged me to utilize what’s in my closet and accessorize (although I’m still working on building up my accessories stash again).  In fact, it’s challenged me so much that I’ve decided to put a little challenge out there.  Like I mentioned last week, Olivia over at (406) Olivia brought up that limiting yourself to certain in your closet was, well, (and these are my words), a tad bit restricting.  Some of us like to shop!  So my challenge (for me and for anyone that wants to join in) is to utilize what’s in my closet for 30 days, starting September 1st, meaning I will not be wearing the same outfit twice.  In fact, I am shooting for not wearing the same article of clothing (minus the underpretties, shoes or usual jewelry like my watch and rings) twice!  I know I have more than 30 pairs of jeans, pants, and capris, not to mention dresses and skirts to do this, and I have more than enough tops.  I’ve been shopping way too much lately and it’s time to wear what I’ve got.  Granted, I’m not placing any shopping restrictions on anyone (because I would go insane if someone told me I couldn’t), but since we’re transitioning into fall, now is the perfect time.  If you don’t have enough jeans/pants to do it, no biggie, just mix up the outfit so that it’s not the same.  Get all the summery stuff worn early in the month and embrace sweaters and jeans at the end!  It’s just for fun and coincides with What I Wore Wednesday’s over at The Pleated Poppy, so why not?  I’ll have a button posted on my sidebar by the weekend if you’d like to jump in.

And with that, here’s my week of outfits!

Last Wednesday (when my camera battery died):  Running around over in Dallas, picking up supplies and such

teal tank, black ON shirt, Silver jeans, BCBG shoes

Teal tank top you can barely see:  Express

Top: Old Navy

Jeans:  Silver, thrifted years ago and too short, but perfect for rolling up!

Shoes:  BCBG, thrifted

Necklace and bracelet:  Gift from an ex-the only reason I’ve hung on to them is they were handmade by a tribe in Kenya

Thursday:  Date night with the hubby, which is super rare.  We went to dinner at this little place called Yucatan Taco Stand Tequila Bar and Grill and then went and saw Salt.  Salt was decent and I expect there will be a Salt II based on the way it ended.

J Crew orange dress, Michael Kors wedges

Dress:  J Crew, thrifted

Shoes:  Michael Kors “Allie” wedges, which I won on Ebay for $25!  Since I am obsessed with Project Runway, I thought it only proper that I have something of Michael Kors in my closet.  And these puppies are sooo comfortable!

Friday:  Lunch with the hubby, running around

ON crochet skirt, crochet yellow top

Top:  Misue, Plato’s Closet-what you can’t really see is it’s all crocheted around the neckline and matches the crochet on the bottom of the skirt

Skirt:  Old Navy, thrifted

Flip Flops:  Old Navy

Saturday:  Meeting our crazy Canadian friends down in Arlington for dinner.  They are huge Oakland Raiders fans and the Cowboys were playing our Chargers, so our whole family was sporting the Chargers gear.

Chargers T, Silver jeansTop:  Reebok from the Chargers shop

Jeans:  yep, those Silver ones again from Wednesday!

Flip Flops:  of course, Old Navy

Sunday:  Girls day out!  We went to Piranha’s Killer Sushi in downtown Fort Worth (their Death by Chocolate martinis are to DIE for-the glass is rimmed with chocolate mousse…yum…), had a beer at The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium and then my BFF and I went and saw Eat Pray Love.  Good movie, but the scenes from Bali don’t do that gorgeous country  justice.  I did want every outfit she was wearing there though!

black lace tank, CR teal shirt, black shorts, Nine & Co wedges

Lace tank underneath:  Charlotte Russe

Top: Charlotte Russe-too bad I forgot to have the hubsters take a picture of the back-it’s all open and that was why I bought it.  Darn!

Shorts:  Macy’s from four years ago

Wedges:  Nine & Co, thrifted years ago

Monday:  Million and one errands to run.  I was out of the house almost all day and it was HOT!

Eyelet couture top, ON boyfriend jeans, Xhilaration wedges

Top:  Eyelash Couture, thrifted

Jeans:  Old Navy boyfriend jeans

Wedges:  Xhilaration from Target-these make me so tall that one of the clerks at JoAnn’s commented on the fact.  Oh well!

Tuesday:  Went to the gym since I am getting back into a regular workout routine (but I will spare you the outfit) and then came home to work.

tealish tunic, brown leggingsTop: Language, thrifted

Leggings:  OP from Walmart-$5!  I am thinking of buying a bunch and then having fun with some…if only I looked good in them.  I have discovered after seeing this picture that tunics and leggings do not look good on me.

Flip Flops:  Old Navy

So that’s it!  As usual, I’m linking up with The Pleated Poppy.  If you haven’t already, stop by and check out what everyone else is wearing.  I’m also linking up with Morgan over at Meet Virginia since she is back to doing Weekend Wear.  Support her new party by joining in!


‘Til next time,


What I Wore Wednesday-Week Five

Here it is again, Wednesday!  As usual, I’m linking up to Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy…so let the fun begin!

Thursday:  Not much of anything-ran to Home Depot, Petco and paid some bills…boooorrrring!

Dress:  Ocean Drive Clothing Company-thrifted.  Too bad I didn’t turn so that you could see the cute retro print palm tree!

Flip flops:  Old Navy (which later I noticed the oranges didn’t really match)

Necklace:  Made by me

Friday:  Shopping at Joann’s for fabric, Babies R Us and Victoria’s Secret since none of my bras seem to fit properly these days.  Oh how I love post pregnancy boobs!  LOL!

Dress tunic top:  Forever, thrifted

Capris:  American Star MATERNITY capris-I bought these when I was pregnant and desperate (and I paid full price), so they’ve gotten worn

Wedges:  Nine & Co-thrifted years ago

Necklace:  Owl pendant bought at Joann’s

Saturday:  Lunch with the BFF-I wasn’t even going to take a picture since I look like such a slug (it’s HOT!), but she asked if I needed one taken and then the serious one somehow got erased (thanks T!).  Therefore you all get the goofy “I’m so cool I’ve got my aviators in my mouth, pondering world peace” look.  (GAG)

T-shirt:  Top Gun from Old Navy

Shorts:  Merona from Target

Flips Flops:  duh, Old Navy!

Sunday:   Hanging out with some friends for brunch

Dress:  Motherhood Maternity, thrifted, although I don’t know how a pregnant woman could wear this-I was afraid my bum would show!

Vest:  Love Change from Macy’s-look for these in gray in my Etsy shop soon!

Belt:  from another shirt

Wedges:  You’ve seen these quite a few times, but they’re so comfy I keep wearing them!  (thrifted years ago)

Necklace:  I was going through an old jewelry box the other day and found this coin in my stash.  I thought it would make a cool pendent-check out the date!!  (if you can’t see it, it’s 1926, which without the hole in mint condition is now worth something like $150)

Monday:  thrifting and the library

Top:  bought on my honeymoon from a vendor down in Mexico

Tank Top:  Charlotte Russe

Skirt:  Anne Taylor Loft, thrifted

Shoes:  No idea…I bought them last year to go with a couple of things and I’ve worn the name off of them

Tuesday:  Just hanging out…

Dress:  Ross from a few years back

Tank Top:  Express (my fave tank with a bra built in it!)

Flip Flops:  Old Navy once again

Necklace:  James Avery mommy necklace (1st Mother’s Day gift from J3)

Today’s picture will have to wait since the battery on my camera just died…darn!  Anyway, does anyone else read InStyle?  I love to see what’s in there, since it’s celebrity + fashion, which to me is fun.  I just got the 600 page September issue and they have the big “trends” for fall which are


**jewel tones



**mixing prints (not so sure if I can pull this one off)

**longer skirts

**menswear bottoms

**leather jackets

**chunky knits

**faux fur

**top handle bags

I also noticed in most of the fall runway collections, military, sheer and animal prints seem to rule.  BRING ON FALL!

Hey, as a side note, after (406) Olivia (whom I heart) mentioned wearing as many outfits in her closet as possible in last week’s post, I thought it might be fun to do a 30 day challenge where you wear 30 different outfits-would anyone else want to do this?  Doing it by myself wouldn’t be much fun, but if someone else did it with me…just a thought!  Comment if you’re interested (actually, just comment anyway, I love comments!)

That’s it for this week!  Pop on over to The Pleated Poppy and see what everyone else is wearing.


‘Til next time,


Motivation…is something I am slowly gaining!

Right off the bat, I will apologize for the lack of posts lately.  Like I mentioned before, I’ve been a little down in the dumps about my precious Boxer Chipper passing, and J3 is teething, which means I have to hold him constantly or he is the worst child on the planet, screaming, getting into anything he can while screaming, or torturing our other Boxer.  Frankly, she is too darn old for that, so he gets held A LOT.  I have had the chance to read a few blogs though, and this week Becca from Bare Feet on the Dash is hosting a Beach Week Party.  I LOVE the beach-I may fear being in deep water, but there is nothing more calming to me than the sound of waves crashing on the shore.  In fact, one of the reasons J2 and I were married in Mexico was so that we could spend our honeymoon next to the ocean.  Shortly after we were married, we moved into the home we built and I decorated our master bath with some of the items we used in the wedding so that I could recapture some of the memories from that day.  Like the starfish on the arch pictured below:

Unfortunately, as the past three years have rolled by, the bathroom went from cute to cluttered with stuff that is not cute.  Ugh.

For the longest time I had been meaning to go through things, straighten things up, and move some things around.  I had also been meaning to join Amy over at New Nostalgia for her Anti-Procrastination Tuesdays.  When I first started blogging and winding my way around Twitter, she had invited me to join the link party (when it first started, how sad is that), and just now am I getting around to it-talk about putting things off!  But now since I have two parties to link to I said what the heck and am jumping in!

So you saw the before photos-cluttered, way too many magazines, and not very relaxing.  I am one of those people that loves to take a bath to relax, so this is MY space.  And when out shopping for something one day, I came across this at Lowes:

I also love orchids but thought I would never be able to keep one alive.  That has been a struggle (and if anyone has any tips, throw them my way PLEASE), but I decided to go for it and plopped my $9 down on the counter for her.

I also found this little gem while out thrifting.  I haven’t done anything with it yet, but I think I might crackle paint or maybe antique it a little.  It’s almost as cool as Becca’s project that she just finished.

So here is my relaxation zone after most of the re-do’s:

The starfish above the towel rack are from our wedding, as mentioned above.  The towels are Ralph Lauren that I picked up from Ross.  These towels are some of my favorites, as they hold up extremely well and last forever (my last set lasted six years without getting stinky!!).  I found the shell/starfish prints at Ross as well.  The vases that hold the shells on the windowsill are from flowers that my husband sent me at work (I know, he’s so romantic!) and the B was our wedding cake topper on a stand I created.  The shell frame I found at Ross also years ago, and the blue basket with the magazines/books held the favors at our wedding.  The little tub in the middle that holds my bubble bath used to look like this…

…but I sprayed it with a coat of tan paint and then a thin coat of white to give it a beach-y look.  Also, the two hurricane candle holders were some of the centerpieces at our wedding.  They even have the same candles we used and the sand is off the beach in Puerto Penasco (it was fun getting those home!).  All the shells have been collected off various beaches through the years, although one or two may have been purchased when I was a child.

The rest of the things are simple-the container by the spout was purchased at Michael’s and has the word “SOAK” Mod Podged onto it with letters I cut out with my Cricut and it hold epsom salts for my achy back.  The little tea lights were also from our wedding, the silver tray was purchased years ago from a little candle shop called the Candle and Gift Factory Outlet in Phoenix that no longer exists, and the tea light “fountain” looking thing was J2’s (I think he got it in a white elephant gift exchange).  If I’ve had a really bad day, I light up all of those candles and draw myself a nice hot bath.  I grab my cocktail and a good book or magazine and hide for an hour (at least-if the book’s really good, I’ll stay in there until the water gets cold).  My little scene looks like this…

In fact, that picture was just taken, so I am going to go get in my nice hot bath and relax!  If you haven’t already, stop by both the parties I’m linking to and see what everyone else out there is doing!

‘Til next time!


What I Wore Wednesday-Week Four

I apologize, I missed last week’s What I Wore Wednesday.  It was a little bittersweet last week-my baby boy (J3) turned a year old, but the day after his birthday we had to put my other baby, my fur baby (Fat Dog) , to sleep (ugh, I hate that term).  I don’t want this to be a downer post, so I’ll just say that for the rest of that week I didn’t really get dressed!  I am much better now, so here’s what I wore this past week…

Last Wednesday:  A girlfriend from high school had a double mastectomy due to breast cancer at the age of 37 so I wore pink in her honor.

Shirt:  Ronson from JC Penney (I wish I would have remembered to have my hubby take a picture of the back-super cute!)

Capris: NY & Co from 4 or so years ago

Shoes:  Ralph Lauren, thrifted

Thursday:  car dealership to get my A/C fixed, errands

Tank Tops: Old Navy

Skirt: Made by me 🙂

Belt:  Thrifted years ago

Shoes:  Thrifted years ago

Necklace/Earrings: Sam Moon (does anyplace else other than Texas have Sam Moon?  I LOVE that place!)

White, pasty legs-all me!  I do plan on fixing those though.  Look for a post on Friday about sunless tanning and how to get it right.  When I lived in Arizona (and was single), I used self-tanner all the time and consider myself a pro.  Now that I’m married and my hubby is pasty too, I don’t feel the need to be tan all the time (hahaha).

Friday: J3’s one year appointment, shopping!

Dress:  Arden B off of Ebay

Shoes:  Xhilaration from Target (bought about six years ago)

Saturday:  Thrifting, Fort Worth Public (Farmer’s) Market

Shirt:  Bongo, thrifted (see post tomorrow!)

Skirt:  Old Navy

Shoes:  Xhilaration from Target-I love the ruffle down the front of these shoes AND they come in red, black, purple, blue and gray!  I think I may need more pairs…not only that but they’re actually comfortable.  They don’t pinch and the heel is the perfect height.

Sunday was a wash…don’t know where the picture went, but I wore a boring purple maxi dress.

Monday:  J3’s first haircut, buying a new phone for J2

Shirt:  j.t.b.-gift from a friend when I was pregnant.  It was an XL and huge underneath the arms, so I flipped it inside out, pinned it to where it needed to be and then stitched it so that it fit!  I love it!

Skirt:  Ann Taylor Loft, thrifted (see tomorrow’s post!!)

Shoes:  No Boundaries from Walmart about three years ago

Necklace:  Shell from Bali, circa 2003

Tuesday:  Registering J2 at the local community college for statistics-he’s excited (uh, not).

Layering Cami:  Charlotte Russe (2 for $12)

Top:  Forever, thrifted

Pants:  Old Navy-I hated that at one point they had hip pockets, so I sewed them shut and then cut the pockets out.  Girls with hips and thighs like mine should not sport hip pockets, especially in white pants!!

Shoes:  Anne Marino, thrifted (again, see tomorrow’s post!).  I will admit, I lasted one stop in these 4″ babies before the yellow flip flops were busted out.  Those things are a pain to walk in!

Wednesday:  Fabric store, Central Market

Shirt:  Old Navy from two years ago

Jeans:  Boyfriend jeans from Old Navy-snagged at their $15 sale

Flip Flops:  Yep, I am a walking advertisement for Old Navy today!

Earrings and Necklace:  Hootie Big Eyed Owl from Lorienna Designs on Etsy (someone else had another owl design from her and I HAD to have some too!)

And the bracelet I had on was from Ebay years ago, but I wear it whenever I can since it doesn’t go with much.  I bought it to go with a dress for a wedding and it outlasted the dress!  The other bracelet is the Venetian Link from Tiffany & Co.  My husband gave it to me for our first Christmas together and I never take it off.  I’m funny like that-I wear the same rings, watch and bracelet all the time.  Until recently, I wore my same Elsa Peretti Bean pendant necklace (push gift), but now that I’m trying to accessorize more, I’m digging through all my jewelry for more options.

Well that’s it!  Of course, I’m linking up to The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday-can’t wait to see what everyone is wearing.


‘Til next time,