Well, after months of messing around, re-designing and whatnot, I finally got my girlfriend Carol’s Moxie Maternity hospital gown out the door!  Granted, she gave me a huge scare by texting me on the 4th to tell me that she was having nausea, back pain and the like, which always makes one think that someone is going into labor.  Of course, it you’re the one experiencing those symptoms and you’ve been toting a baby around for 36+ weeks, you’re praying that’s what it is, but for her, no such luck THANK GOODNESS.  Baby boys do not do well that early!  But, I did hurry that gown up and out the door, without the usual special little touches.  I also sent the matching receiving blanket with it, just not all the other fun stuff.  Here’s her gown…

And here’s little Max’s welcome blanket…you can’t tell from the picture, but it’s a super soft flannel blanket edged in cotton trim to match his mommy’s gown.

For me, this has been a really challenging journey.  I’m a perfectionist, so every little thing had to be just right-that is, until I thought Carol was in labor.  See, Carol and I go back-WAY back.  She was a friend during one of the darker periods in my life, and even though we weren’t in touch for a while, I love her dearly and wish we weren’t 1000 miles away so that we could celebrate being moms together.  Therefore, that gown went out the door without a sash, without the monogram and without the other little things that are a part of a usual Moxie gown.  I hope she forgives me, but I couldn’t stand the thought of not being with her in spirit at least.  I can’t wait to see her in it, beautiful Max in her arms.

So what’s been the challenging part  of the journey you ask?  For all of my adult life I’ve been a part of corporate America, and for the past six years in quality assurance.  I worked for a smaller company and thought that I knew the basics of running a business.  Well, hello reality check!  I have figured out that there are some things I am very good at, but I am weak in others.  I know this is the same with the majority of people out there, but when you’re a perfectionist, you don’t even want to think like that.  So for the past four months I’ve been trying to face those weaknesses head on and learn.  The learning is slow, but I’m getting there.  When I was someone’s employee, I had an agenda, a list of things to do, but when you’re your own boss and at home…well, things go a little crazy.  Babies cry, dogs bark, dishes get dirty, laundry stacks up and life gets in the way.  But each time it happens, I glance at my bulletin board and focus on my three words…Desire, Direction and Discipline.  And then I get back to work.  I’d better, because through simple word of mouth (and no active website, UGH), orders are starting to come in!

Until next time,